TikTok Maintains Top Position In Monthly App Download Chart, Despite Growing Competition

TikTok Maintains Top Position In Monthly App Download Chart, Despite Growing Competition

While social audio may be the trending feature right now, and copied versions of TikTok continue to gain traction on YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram, the original has consistently held its own in download graphics, ranking at new number one on Monthly Sensor Tower App Downloads List for April 2021.

As you can see here, TikTok held its place at the top of the download charts for another month.

Although banned in India

, its largest user market at the time of its deletion, and a constant stream of challengers rising to steal its thunder over time, more and more users continue to access the short video app, which is on the way to becoming the next billionaire platform at some point this year.

As explained by Sensor tower:

“TIC Tac was the world’s most downloaded non-gaming app in April 2021 with over 59 million installs. The countries with the most TikTok installations were Brazil with 13%, followed by Douyin in China with 12%. ”

TikTok’s growth is significant, especially in the face of concerns and controversies, and as noted, more copy functions are added to major social media apps. Indeed, YouTube recently reported that its TikTok clone, “ Shorts, ” is now making it easier to 6.5 billion views per month, a huge amount that you think should eat away at TikTok’s audience share somewhat.

We’ll see if this becomes a bigger issue for TikTok with the launch of Shorts to all US users. next week, while Snapchat’s Spotlight is also now 125 million monthly users, and Instagram Reels continues to gain traction.

Yet even with short videos made more readily available everywhere else, TikTok’s momentum has continued, which is a positive sign for the platform as it strives to evolve into the next step, which includes more business and income generation tools for creators.

The list of the best Sensor Tower apps is largely unchanged from last month, the only notable addition being the Indian streaming app ‘Hotstar‘in the top 10 downloads on Google Play, in large part due to cricket coverage.

Facebook, of course, still dominates the overall picture, with 4 of the top 10 apps across all categories, but TikTok’s resilience over time is truly amazing. No other trending app has had the durability of the app, especially against the competition. In fact, at the moment we have the Clubhouse case study as a comparative example – a trending app that has seen huge success, but is now apparently in decline while Facebook and Twitter advance their own competing audio-social tools.

This largely mirrors the trajectory of most of the trendy social apps, but TikTok has been able to maintain its position and work with the big players as more and more young people, in particular, find connective value in it. ‘application.

If you haven’t taken TikTok seriously in the past, maybe it’s time to reassess it and consider how its advertising and promotional options evolve as part of your social media marketing approach.

You can check out the full Sensor Tower monthly download list for April 2021. here.

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