this is what your customers expect from your brand

this is what your customers expect from your brand

The coronavirus blew up your strategic plan in mid-March: all those lines of work that had cost you so many efforts have become dead paper.

Amid so much uncertainty, several weeks have already passed and now we are faced with a new scenario.

There has been a profound change in our way of life and we need to adapt by leaps and bounds to the new demands of the market.

Because everything has changed. Also the consumption trends of your customers have done it.

The challenge is to give, to the voice of and through copywriting, a response adapted to the current behaviors of consumers during the de-escalation stage of this health crisis.

What will you find in this post?

One of the keys to adapt to this new situation is listening to what your customers care about.

At a time when the concern of your customers is maximum, your way of talking with them has to be different: more transparent, empathetic and fast than ever. You have to be attentive to respond to the new processes that the consumer is experiencing.

Now copywriting becomes even more important in your brand communication.

The purchase decision is even more emotional in times of crisis

One of the consequences of the health crisis is not only that consumer decision-making has taken a sharp turn, but also that purchase impulses have been slowed.

The first weeks we saw that purchases were focused only on the basic necessities: food and hygiene.

This may make you think that the buying process becomes more rational, but nothing could be further from the truth …

It has been shown that, when we live in uncertain situations, decision-making becomes more emotional. Far from being a negative, this is what has allowed us to survive throughout the centuries, and it is based on something very powerful: follow your own intuition.

Now that it’s been a few weeks and we seem to be getting out of that “survival mode,” it is crucial that as businesses we adapt quickly to what is already here.

What they have called the “new normal” – quite an understatement – is actually a radical change in the way we relate, feel and communicate.

So, while you try to decipher the de-escalation phases, if you have not already done so, you should be considering —and putting into practice as soon as possible— how you are going to respond to the new concerns of your clients.

The 5 trends in communication that mark your client’s purchasing decisions

Next, I present the 5 trends that are emerging in the communication sector and that you should take into account immediately in your copywriting if you want:

  • strengthen your business;
  • convey credibility;
  • guarantee the trust of your customers.

1. The presence online of your business in social networks is essential

Your customers make use of digital commerce – use and abuse, because consumption online has gone off — and you need to be there to remind them that your brand is pounding.

Customers buy from companies that they follow in networks and with which they feel in some way committed. It’s more, your customers have to love you before your products.

Networks are the perfect setting to simmer your relationship with your customers. Because the purchase, and more so now that we are all slowed down when it comes to taking out the credit card, is a consequence of the mutual commitment that the networks allow.

There has to be a genuine connection between your customers and your brand.

You need to make your audience fall in love with your unique way of doing things day by day, and for that you must reflect your values ​​and your processes in your publications on networks.

It may not sound new to you, but there are still many brands that do not take it seriously. If it was already necessary to do it before the alarm situation, now is a priority that you review your editorial calendar and think about what your communication strategy is going to be.

The reality is that, if you are not the one who responds to their concerns, your client will go with another brand that does and is leading the sector.

I know what concerns you on this issue. It is no coincidence that in two of the live shows of #CopyFromHome

that we have had during these weeks have talked about how to approach communication in networks.

I encourage you to review them. Start here if you need help communicating your values ​​in the texts you write for your business:

In addition, you must know what is slowing your development and does not allow you to connect through your publications. And you have to solve it today.

In this session you will find very valuable information to correct the errors that prevent you from standing out and positioning yourself on your social networks.

2. Communicate your new hygiene and safety processes step by step

Open up the channel and count in great detail the changes you are carrying out to adapt to this stage, whether you are a digital business or a store at street level.

Communicate how your new hygiene and safety processes are when it comes to attending, handling and sending orders.

Your customers need to have this information through you.

Just so you will overcome the mental barriers of your clients, who want to take the step of buying, but need someone to confirm that they are in good hands. If you don’t tell them, all your efforts to adjust to the new situation will be for nothing.

Humanizing your brand, showing you and telling what processes and changes you are making is necessary to give that extra point of trust that the consumer now demands.

3. Take maximum care of the brand experience

We saw this at the beginning of the year in copywriting trends for 2020, before our life took a 180º turn with the pandemic. However, now your customers are even more demanding.

Buying your products or services should be an event.

Draw a brand experience from start to finish that exceeds their expectations, as that will encourage them to continue buying what you offer.

Here again the copy – just like microcopy that accompanies your customer throughout the purchase process— serves to convey in words the value of small details. And that will be what allows the client to have an experience of ten.

But there is more, because what your community wants to be part of that experience. Beyond the purchase, your customer needs to feel that they belong to something bigger.

It has always been like this, it is not new that someone wants to feel special, but now more than ever we want to be part of a movement.

It is curious that, in these moments in which the situation forces us to maintain social distance, an important stimulus arises in the digital environment due to:

  • go back to the local;
  • create care networks;
  • reformulate consumption.
Stay tuned – and use all your creativity— because we are going to see very interesting efforts that seek to mix the digital experience and new meeting points between brands and consumers.

4. Contribute your vision of a more sustainable future

Is creating a more sustainable future something that consumers are really looking for? Well, here the studies provide different opinions, so time will reveal to us if we have learned anything from this situation.

What is certain is that this mandatory stop in our voracious way of consuming has served to rethink what we were doing and who we were buying from.

This is an opportunity for (authentic) sustainable brands to be heard.

But don’t be tempted to jump on the sustainability bandwagon if this is not part of your brand values ​​and commitments.

Will we regain our consumption habits? Within the European sphere, we Spaniards are the most optimistic in terms of thinking that yes, we will be the same again.

If I’m honest, I hope not entirely.

I want to believe that seeing ourselves vulnerable has made us more aware that we need to consume wisely and dedicate spending to businesses with a soul that strive for products to be close, that pamper production processes and offer environmental guarantees.

5. Customer service response must be impeccable

In addition to demonstrating your resolution to process orders online effectively and safely, and to generate trust in new consumers, you must show empathy, transparency and listening skills in the sales and after-sales processes.

Credibility is going to be one of the great pillars of brand communication.

The opinions of your satisfied customers – digital word of mouth – will be decisive for other consumers to choose you among all other brands.

I leave you here the link to Write to Sell podcast, in which I tell you 4 ways to convey credibility with your texts. I am sure that it will be very useful to you to determine what actions you can take to fulfill this objective in your communication plan.

Copywriting is the tool that generates bonds with your clients

If digital businesses take care of all these details, they will have the opportunity to consolidate in the coming months. For it, copywriting is going to be the tool that allows them to connect with their clients and adapt to changing times.

In summary, your communication must be constant and show the decisions that you are making in your company, and this without forgetting chat with customers and listen to their opinions.

Now that consumption is gradually reactivated, the essential thing is that you share everything you are already doing and that you show yourself open and close to be the brand chosen by customers.

Your communication must replace those conversations at street level that we miss so much.

Tell me in comments: what is being the biggest challenge in communicating your business during this new phase?

I would love to hear about your experience and bring you my vision if it can help you strengthen ties with your clients.

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