This is Merama, the eCommerce investment startup that raised 160 million dollars in funds |  Marketing 4 Ecommerce

This is Merama, the eCommerce investment startup that raised 160 million dollars in funds | Marketing 4 Ecommerce

twitterlinkedinThe startup ecosystem continues to grow in Mexico and the region with new bets from great entrepreneurs, among these is the solution of the startup Merama that seeks to rise together with various brands in the Latin American market, being an active part of its development in electronic commerce, exponentially driven its growth and expansion.

A business model that takes off in the direction of the land of unicorns, or at least that is how it seems to show its enormous potential in which 5 months after its birth (it was founded in December 2020) it announced the raising of a series A capital for an amount of USD $ 160 million, resources that will contribute to the goal of becoming the largest e-commerce product business in Latin America, as detailed in a statement.

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Merama helps in the digital transformation of companies in Latam

One of the needs that most emerged with the pandemic was the digitization of businesses in the country due to the closure of establishments and the fear of people to leave home.

Faced with this scenario Initiatives such as Aiuda who advise, support or lend resources to business owners in Mexico or the region so that they can make the leap to electronic commerce and that their sales do not turn off.

This is precisely the offer of Merama, business Latin American based in Mexico and Brazil, which was founded by a team of specialists in eCommerce and the digital ecosystem. The group is made up of Sujay Tyle, co-founder and CEO (previously at Frontier Car Group), Mexican Felipe Delgado (former CEO / CFO of Beetmann Energy), Frenchman Olivier Scialom (former co-founder of Petsy) and Renato Andrade (ex McKinsey BR) and Guilherme Nosralla (ex Wildlife Studios) from Brazil.

In addition, has 40 professionals trained in technology platforms What Uber, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Falabella and Free market, all distributed in the capitals of the countries where they operate.

Merama’s business model is developed through its association with the largest merchants in Latin America, currently only in: Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile; to which They provide equipment, capital and technology so that they can get into the growing and millionaire business of eCommerce, that only in Mexico this grew 81%, and boost your hypergrowth.

“Digital businesses are experiencing hyper growth, but they continue to struggle with fundamental problems that create a ceiling in their potential. For example, present great challenges to expand internationally, to achieve a reliable and profitable working capital, as well as to create technological tools to support your own online presence. This is where Merama comes in », expresa So much.

What is the difference with competitors

Those proposed by Merama is not entirely new, but differs from other aggregators for marketplaces in that its efforts are focused solely on Latin America; it also works with very few partners.

Its strategy consists of identifying the most relevant companies in main categories and partnering with the best ones by buying a share from them to become strategic partners. They do not buy 100% of the business and the original owners always maintain governance because they think that “Nobody knows a company better than its founders”.

The capital they contribute to their company goes directly to the owners as a reward for their previous work time. As an ally they explain that focus on the exponential growth of brands and turn them into their best version.

What they are looking for is to give a competitive advantage because when they work with a team they believe “That it will be the leader in its category and that it can become a profitable business in its own right”, Tyle pointed out, Merama will only provide tools to do so.

A powerful injection of capital to boost Merama

The business format proposed by this ingenious startup has aroused the interest of several investors and After lifting the Semilla round two months ago, they closed a round in record time, led by the funds Monashees Capital, Valor Capital and Balderton Capital.. Together with them, several CEOs of technology companies very representative of Latin America participated: Loggi, Ualá, Rappi y Madeira Madeira.

The progress of Merama is very attractive to these giants because, although they started recently, with the businesses that were associated they plan to sell more than $ 100 million in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile, more than double the previous year.

Regarding the resources received, they plan finance the initial investment to build the brand and allocate another part to the working capital that drives its growth, helping Latam’s e-commerce ecosystem grow while supporting entrepreneurs, concludes Tyle.

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