this difficult boss despite the experience

this difficult boss despite the experience

Guest article written by Liriel Thomas.

Whether you are a junior writer with a fresh pen, or an experienced writer with a sharp pen, there is a difficult boss to defeat, I have named Page Blanche. Indeed, in addition to being more or less violent, this fighter adjusts to your level! So how do you beat him? Are there any cheat codes ? Can allies help? We tell you everything! here is a Soluce game which could help you move to the next level!

Who is Page Blanche?

White Page is a Blocking type boss, be aware that this is a hidden boss that always arises when you least expect it. It often happens that Page Blanche tumbles after completing a few writing assignments. He may be scary at first, with his pristine white, but fear not, he is not unbeatable.

Fortunately, although it is quite difficult and sometimes a long time to beat, it does not cause much damage. It can even bring in a little XP (experience: editor’s note)!

What are White Page attacks?

As we said before, White Page is a Block type opponent, and as it indicates, it blocks your progress in your current mission. His attacks are very easy to understand, but dodging is practically impossible. Here’s how Page Blanche does it:

First of all, after a few missions, he suddenly appears and assails you with his immaculate skin, by reflex, you block, it’s normal, do not panic!

Then your fingers try a few words, but White Page forces you to erase and try something again, because it’s not worded well enough. This is where it starts to get complicated; Little by little, Page Blanche plunges you into a whirlwind of reflection, you think too much, even too much, and you start to panic. This is what Page Blanche wants! Do not give in, otherwise, he wins! What he wants is for you to hand over rough work to your client, and that’s unacceptable.

How to ward off his attacks?

The first thing to do when Page Blanche arrives right in front of you is very important! You should not try to fight against him directly, because as explained before, he adapts to your level. It doesn’t matter if you are a high-level writer then or not, it’s all the same for this tough opponent.

Your Feather will be of no use to you against him unfortunately, but it is possible to ward off his attacks. First of all, you will need lift your fingers from the keyboard, this is important, otherwise you will be tempted to strike back with empty sentences without values. It’s a shame because it forces you to use your energy for nothing.

Then, of course, you can leave Blank Page where it is, on your screen, and fix it for a long time, but it will feed on your concentration, which is not the most adequate solution either. To do this correctly, it is necessary to close the White Page window. What follows will determine your ability to beat him.

Tips and tricks to beat White Page

Once his window is closed, there are a number of things you can do to get past this terrible fighter.

  • We invite you to take the screen, literally! Start by lifting your buttocks off your chair and lowering your computer screen. If it’s a stationary pc, just step away from your desk. You might be tempted to go back quickly, but be strong, Page Blanche is still there, laughing waiting for you.
  • Then, we advise you to move! Indeed, it is not necessary to be a seasoned athlete for this, a simple walk is sufficient. You can also try a side mission to gain some XP, yoga or meditation!
  • Leaving home (as far as possible given the current situation), see friends, go shopping, etc., in short, clear your head! Forget the somewhat disturbing existence of Page Blanche.
  • Get started in a video game (with other bosses more or less easy to defeat of course), in a pancake party if you like (pancakes are good) and above all, enjoy life!

Blank page syndrome is really common in web writing. All it takes is one shot of one loss ofidea or from creativity, and now begins an internal struggle to find fluid and imaginative writing that we usually have.

We must not forget that the blank page often occurs after having worked too much, it is therefore essential to know how to take real breaks. It is important to know how to lower your screen and move away from it, even before the blank page arrives.

It can also happen that this happens before even starting to write a first text, and it does not matter. Do not feel guilty, or even stress when this happens. Yes there may be a lot of orders to fulfill, yes there is a deadline to respect, yes the customer can be in a hurry, but! Do not go forcing, you would only make a weak, worthless job, you will be disappointed and the customer too, you will take a blow to morale, in short, it is not possible to go in this direction .

Even if you are under pressure, it is really important, dear feathers of the web, that you take care of yourself, in order to make a job better than you could ever imagine.

So take a breath, relax, get a change of scenery, and go shoot White Page with all your creativity and motivation!

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