These young people who started entrepreneurship early

These young people who started entrepreneurship early

There is no age to be an entrepreneur. Talents and entrepreneurial personalities have not waited to be adults and to leave the past years, to express their passion and get involved in a large-scale project. Preconceived ideas and other prejudices are sometimes widespread, such as the fact that young people do not have the shoulders to develop and promote their project, considering young people as an obstacle to entrepreneurship. Despite these preconceptions, little geniuses embarked on this path strewn with pitfalls, before achieving success.

Some examples of support for young people to develop the entrepreneurial spirit

100,000 entrepreneurs is a general interest association founded in 2007 whose object is to transmit the culture and the desire to undertake to young people from 13 to 25 years old in metropolitan France
and overseas, through testimonials from volunteer entrepreneurs in schools. Since its creation, the association has educated more than half a million young people.

Youth and Business

Its actions are developed throughout the territory thanks to a network of 30 AJE Clubs, run by volunteers and experts, all of whom foster the close relationship between young people and businesses. An AJE action is always the result of a partnership of the association with establishments, companies and regions.

Entrepreneurship To Learn is a federation of 17 associations under the 1901 law, approved by the Ministry of National Education and Youth.

It brings together young people, their supervisors (teachers, educators, integration counselors) and professionals from the business world to mutually enrich each other. The goal is to give everyone
the power to be realized through a human and above all collective experience: the Mini-Entreprise®.

Young people are thirsty for entrepreneurship. According to an OpinionWay survey carried out in October 2017 for Moovjee (Movement for young people and student entrepreneurs, editor’s note), 44% of students and 37% of secondary school students in the vocational stream want to start or take over a business. According to another study by the OpinionWay institute for the crowdfunding platform Ulule, more than 54% of young French people between the ages of 18 and 35 have already wanted to get into the entrepreneurial world. In accordance with the third survey carried out by the same structure last February for the UAE (The Union of auto-entrepreneurs, editor’s note), 46% of 18-24 year olds want to start a business, but 53% imagine themselves launching their company while performing another activity. Others have made the bet to launch well before their majority. Zoom in on these two atypical entrepreneurs who by force of conviction and passion, launch themselves from an early age into the entrepreneurial adventure.

Moziah Bridges, 9-year-old American entrepreneur

Nicknamed “Mo”, the young American Moziah Bridges started his own business, Mo’s Bows, at the age of 9. His specialty: bow ties. It is by wanting to imitate the dress style of his favorite stars like the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber, that his project was born. Often accompanied by bow ties, he wanted to buy the same accessories as these idols, but found those sold in stores ” united and ugly“. The boy decides to make it himself, thanks to the lessons his grandmother gave him in sewing. With a sewing machine, he creates in a few weeks, more than thirty models which he sells on the Internet then in several stores. Two years after the creation of its company, the company obtains a turnover of $ 90,000 and then grow rapidly with the help of investor Daymond John, who opened the doors of the fashion industry to Moziah and introduced him to iconic personalities such as Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey. Now 16, the teenager is still on the road to success with a turnover of $ 300,000. He signed a seven-figure partnership contract in 2017 with the NBA (National Basketball Association, American Basketball League, editor’s note), in order to market tailor-made accessories bearing the image of the various teams in the league.

Leanna Archer, Haitian leader at 9 years old

Leanna Archer, a 9-year-old Haitian girl, embarked on the entrepreneurial adventure, becoming the CEO of her company of natural hair care products, Leanna Inc. The young girl convinced her parents to accompany her in her project of company, by proposing to design a range of hair products, which is inspired by homemade recipes made from almonds and avocados, transmitted by his grandmother. Using it on her own hair, it is when her entourage asks her about how she maintains her hair and then after having offered samples that go like hot cakes, that the idea comes to her to create her own company. Initially, the activity starts in his basement, with the help of his two parents who have left their jobs. Faced with the success of its shampoos, conditioners and lotions, it launched the marketing of its products and decided to settle in the United States. Four years later, she decided to launch her foundation “Leanna Archer Education” to help underprivileged children in Haiti, by building schools and a learning environment. The 22-year-old is now at the head of a company that earns her more than $ 500,000 a year.

For young entrepreneurs who want to start a business or develop a project, financial aid or mechanisms exist, contributing to the development of their entrepreneurial ambition. This can be done in the form of subsidies, tax or contribution exemptions as well as support offers. ACCRE (Assistance for the creation or takeover of a business, editor’s note) gives the right to a total or partial exemption from social charges during the first year and at a reduced rate during the following two years. Entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 26 have the opportunity to benefit from it. The Cap’Jeunes program offers people under 26 in a precarious situation or jobseeker to be supported by France Active (associative network to help start a business) while receiving 2,000 euros and a bank loan for set up his company. As for Je become Entrepreneur, a program open to 18-32 year olds by Adie (Association for the right to economic initiative, editor’s note), it offers comprehensive support to young people wishing to develop their business. They can then participate in workshops in order to produce a good business plan or take steps to fundraise in search of funding. At the end of this program, they are eligible for access to a microcredit to start their activity.

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