These well-being applications for companies

These well-being applications for companies

Work can be a real source of stress, fatigue and tension for both entrepreneurs and their employees. Stressful situations can have negative repercussions on health. They can also affect production. To relax you and your employees, discover these well-being mobile applications.

More than 54% of employees and 66% of company directors with more than one hundred employees admit to being constant stress in their work, according to a survey conducted in December 2017 by the professional training organization Cegos. The sources of this stress would be due to an excessive workload for 49% of employees and 50% of managers, as well as poor work organization for 37% of employees and 50% of entrepreneurs. Smartphone-type applications can, however, help to better manage your tensions and bring something positive to your daily activity.

Workwell, simplifying the lives of employees and fostering links within the company

The young entrepreneur, Marie Schneegans, with her start-up Never Eat Alone launched an application in June 2017: Workwell. This platform centralizes all office services such as access to meeting rooms and colleagues’ directories as well as meetings during lunch breaks. The goal: to facilitate exchanges within the company, to make employees happier and more connected at work. By creating their profile, the user specifies their areas of interest but also their skills, their service and their function within the company. Other services are offered such as reservations for sports lessons, carpooling, a restaurant, delivery of meal trays as well as laundry and concierge services. The twenty-four-year-old manager successfully launched her program thanks to fundraising of 1.3 million euros as well as the support of several CAC 40 companies such as BNP Paribas and Danone. The application has more than 70,000 users and costs between one thousand and ten thousand euros per month. On the turnover side, it reached one million euros at the end of 2017.

OurCompany, measuring well-being in business

The OurCompany application, launched in May 2017 by Stéphane Bourbier, aims to measure the level of well-being at work of employees to prevent the risk of burnout. But also to allow employees to express their emotions, to give their opinion on their company and to encourage managers to put people back at the heart of their management strategy. To understand its various problems, the start-up offers employees to gauge their feelings with three daily criteria: stress, mood and energy. Several questions will then be asked when arriving on his workplace like “How are you today?” “,” Are you energized by your work? Or “Do you ever cry in the office? “. With these answers, the program gives a daily well-being index, from two to five, to the employee who can compare it with the score of his associates, if at least ten of them are registered. The user keeps their identity secret, but can share the application with colleagues and superiors. According to the start-up, 10,000 employees of large groups such as Auchan or Fnac have already registered for the test version. As of August 2017, 250 to 300 companies have already been rated.

Smart Coaching, virtual coach

Time is more than important a precious commodity these days, but it can quickly be wasted by all the daily activities. It is from this observation that the Edition Lefebvre Sarrut group embarked on the creation of a collection of applications, Smart Coaching, at the beginning of 2017. The concept: learn in a fun and fast way the right techniques and training around well-being, health, professional efficiency, real estate or entrepreneurship. A virtual coach offers to study these concepts in fifteen minutes, via several modules. One way to improve the daily life of entrepreneurs and employees. Themes such as stress and time management, contractual termination of the employment contract as well as the management are presented. The “public speaking” application allows him to prepare, to reassure himself and to make sure to shine during an interview. She gives advice on how to control her voice, her speech, her gaze, her breath and her flow as well as adopting a posture and gestures that are pleasant for her audience.

So many applications that can simplify your professional life and leave the stress and worries of everyday life behind you. To refocus and relax, other programs can be useful to you such as yoga, meditation or sophrology exercises. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best!

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