These French entrepreneurs considered to be true leaders

These French entrepreneurs considered to be true leaders

To embark on the entrepreneurial world, everyone must commit to donning the costume of chief. None are alike and each is unique in its kind, but they have common virtues. Daily discipline, tenacity, long-term vision, courage, self-confidence, the ability to inspire and listen to others, so many essential qualities to be a true leader. There are many examples of leaders who, through these values, have achieved success stories and raised their companies to the top. Here are three French personalities who carry this role with accuracy and efficiency.

Xavier Niel, founder of Iliad.

Xavier Niel fits well into the role of pragmatic leader, who places his entire strategy on risk taking and the constant search for innovation. Since his youth, the businessman has a long-term vision. High school student, he is interested in the world of IT and telecommunications. Understanding the potential of the Minitel, he embarked on the “pink” Minitel at the age of 17, allowing him to become a millionaire at the age of 24. In 1995, he invested in Worldnet, the very first consumer Internet access provider, which he sold five years later for 40 million euros. At the head of his group, Iliad, he set up Free in 1999 which, thanks to its many offers, will propel him to the top. Competition and competition stimulate him as he constantly seeks to surpass himself to undermine his opponents, in particular by offering an aggressive commercial offer with two-euro mobile plans and “three-in-one” Freebox boxes with Internet, television and fixed telephony, at low prices. His conviction is that an entrepreneur is just as capable of change the world than a political figure. It encourages entrepreneurship, personalities and companies that can develop innovation by creating educational organizations such as École 42 to train developers, its start-up incubator Station F, the largest in the world, or even Kima Ventures, its investment fund which aims to invest in fifty to one hundred start-ups per year.

Stéphanie Pelaprat, creator of Restopolitan.

Granddaughter of restaurateurs, Stéphanie Pelaprat embarked on the entrepreneurial adventure by founding in 2006 her company Restopolitan, at only 23 years old. It is developing reservation software for reserving tables in restaurants. Despite multiple investments, the company is not profitable enough and is close to financial abyss. Far from being defeated, despite the threat of bankruptcy and a deficit of more than 200,000 euros, it is changing strategy, by carrying out profound transformations on the business plan. With the help of a team brainstorming carried out in 48 hours, the idea of ​​an annual card germinated, allowing buyers in partner restaurants to dine for two, but pay for only one person. The working girl also sets a goal to get by, that of reaching a million turnover in one year, with the ambition of making 2,500 euros in sales every day. By showing perseverance and courage, Stéphanie Pelaprat’s strategy works since the start-up obtained a turnover of 3.5 million euros in 2016 then opens internationally with the launch of a site in Luxembourg and the take-over of Pasaporte Gourmet in Spain and MiSiedo in Italy, last year.

Frédéric Mazella, founder of BlaBlacar.

BlaBlaCar, Frédéric Mazzella’s carpooling company was built around a charter of values. Called the “BlaBlaPrinciples”, these six principles are like a guide for each member of the company. The first “Be the Member” aims to put yourself in the shoes of the users by being users of their platform. The second “Share more. Learn more. »Insists on learning and collective knowledge of the whole of society to become better. The third “Fail. Learn. To succeed. »Relies on risk taking and the experience offailure to advance. The fourth “Dreaming. Decide. Deliver. »Emphasizes the objectives and the bold decisions to be made. The last two “Being efficient. Go far ”and“ Fun & Serious ”insist on the need to be efficient and to create a work environment that is both serious and fun.

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