These entrepreneurs who have defied all forecasts

These entrepreneurs who have defied all forecasts

If there is one quality necessary to lead a business to success, it is undoubtedly persistence. Many examples attest to projects which seemed doomed to failure for all and finally experienced a spectacular boom thanks to the relentlessness of their creators. So who are these entrepreneurs who have thwarted all expectations for success?

“It is about fully assuming first of all take risks, stop with limiting thoughts and tell ourselves that we are masters of our own limits. So if you want to move it 100 meters you can. At worst, failures are experiences and trying things is always moving forward. Above all, remember to make sense of what you are doing. Knowing why you are implementing a project and knowing its impact is one of the essentials. You must be aware that doing business is above all about helping to change the world. »Very eloquent words from Hapsatou Sy during an interview with Entrepreneurial Dynamics.

In 1995, when Jeff Bezos decided to give up his old life to create his own online bookstore from his garage, few felt that his project was likely to succeed. By giving birth to Amazon, he is banking on slow growth that even ends up discouraging the first investors, who doubt that the company will ultimately be able to make a profit. The bursting of the Internet bubble seems to put an end to the project but Jeff Bezos perseveres: Amazon finally becomes profitable in 2004. The company is today the first American retail brand ahead of Walmart.

Juan Roig

Founded in 1977, the family business Mercadona only had a few grocery stores when Juan Roig took it over in 1981. He bet on the concept of low cost and met with surprising success, allowing him to build a real empire. While the economic crisis has raged for years in Spain, the company continues to generate record profits although all of its turnover is made in the national territory. This exceptional success allowed the Roig family to become in a few years the third largest fortune in the country.

Eben upton

The IT sector favors ever more complex and sophisticated equipment. Against all expectations, British entrepreneur Eben Upton has found success by relying on the exact opposite approach. Hoping to teach the basics of computing to younger generations, in 2012 he launched the Raspberry Pi, a computer card for only 30 euros, on which the operating system, screen, keyboard and SD card must be installed. This original principle has met with dazzling success, the bar of 3 million copies sold having been exceeded in 2014.

Riccardo zacconi

Managing Director of Studio King, Riccardo Zacconi is the first to be surprised by the immense success of his company. In 2012, she released a seemingly unoriginal game, Candy Crash Saga, which nobody predicted success. The title however meets a planetary echo on Facebook, a viral craze which then continues on mobile phones. This success launched the fashion for casual gaming and allowed the development of a whole new part of the video game industry. Since its IPO in 2014, King is estimated at $ 7 billion.

Guillaume Gibault

It is following a bet that Guillaume Gibault launches in 2011 in the production of briefs. Without experience, only 25 years old, he relies on made in France and gets a totally unexpected media buzz. Building on this astonishing initial success, he made the Le Slip français brand one of the most dynamic of recent years. By diversifying around national know-how, the group generated a turnover of 1.5 million euros in 2014, and opened up to the Asian market in 2015 after raising funds of 2 million euros. euros.

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