These actors and actresses who started their business or their brand

These actors and actresses who started their business or their brand

While managers, and in particular business creators, have increasingly become stars in the media, through the success of their product or service, other personalities from other sectors are not left out. Political, song, film and even television celebrities are now ready to embark on entrepreneurship and create their own business. Actors and actresses, showing versatility and having a business sense, have thus succeeded in setting up their project, sometimes by building real empires. Zoom in on these men and women of the small and big screen who satisfy their entrepreneurial passion.

Edward Norton

Famous for his landmark roles in American History X and Fight Club, in the late 1990s, the multi-faceted American actor Edward Norton also embarked on the entrepreneurial adventure. In 2009, together with his wife, Shauna Robertson and the Wolfe brothers, he created a platform for crowdfunding, called CrowdRise, which helps people develop and fundraise for charity. In just three years, the platform has become one of the largest in the world in crowdfunding, raising around $ 100 million per year for more than 15,000 organizations. In 2017, the actor sold the company to his big competitor, GoFundMe. His desire to undertake did not stop there since in 2015 he co-founded the young EDO startup, with Jim Breyer, venture capitalist and Daniel Nadler, creator of Kensho Technologies, the famous private intelligence company. artificial. The start-up is developing a data measurement and analysis service, making it possible to estimate the effectiveness and influence of television ads on consumer behavior. This information is extracted from the sites and search engines in which Internet users navigate. The actor recently concluded a fundraising of more than 12 million dollars from the private equity firm, Breyer Capital, to ensure the development of his business.

Jessica alba

Elected sexiest woman in the world by FHM magazine in 2007 and known for her character of The Invisible Woman in the film The Fantastic Four, actress Jessica Alba has become in a few years a business woman and has managed to build a real empire, with The Honest Company specializing in natural and ecological products for children and for the home as well as Honest Beauty, her brand of cosmetics. She had the idea of ​​creating The Honest Company in 2011, following allergy problems of her two daughters, caused by products with toxic ingredients. She then decided to launch in 2015, her second company in the same line as the first, but reserved exclusively for women, with creams and makeup. In just one year, The Honest Company achieved $ 10 million in sales, then in 2013, sales of over $ 150 million. But the businesswoman faces some controversy over her products, especially their composition and ineffectiveness. To deal with these different bad-buzzes, the company decided to inform its customers through tutorials and by changing its product line often enough to ensure quality control and create attractiveness. A strategy that works since the company is valued more than $ 1.7 billion in 2016 and it is coveted by the Anglo-Dutch multinational, Unilever, who wanted to buy it for $ 1 billion. Based solely on the American market, The Honest Company aims to launch in Europe in the spring of 2019.

Georges clooney

Emblematic figure of American cinema, known worldwide for his role as Doug Ross in the television series, Urgences and for his participation in the advertisements of the coffee pod brand, Nespresso, Georges Clooney has also decided to engage in the entrepreneurship. In 2013, he launched with two of his friends, businessmen in entertainment and real estate, Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman, a company which offers its own brand of high-end tequila, named Casamigos. The alcoholic beverage is produced by a distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. The brand then experienced annual growth in 2015 and 2016, by 58% and increased sales, from 120,000 cases in 2016 to 170,000 in 2017. Diageo, the largest firm in the alcohol and spirits market, decided on the buy back for the sum of a billion dollars. A huge benefit for the three founders since they had only invested $ 600,000 each when the company was launched.

These different personalities beyond their talent as an actor and actress have succeeded in prospering as entrepreneurs. Others revolve around the entrepreneurial world, in particular by investing in innovative companies that are close to their hearts because of their commitment or their personality.

Leonardo DiCaprio

A fervent defender of the environment, he has notably invested in several companies and start-ups combining innovation and ecology such as Rubicon Global and Runa. The first is an American cloud-based recycling and waste treatment firm. Via a B2B platform, it analyzes the waste stream of its customers, providing data to waste management trucks, with the aim of reducing storage and transport costs. The second company specializes in organic drinks, all made from ilex guayusa, a plant containing caffeine found in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon. It is cultivated by Ecuadorian farmers and the company was also founded to support them through fair trade.

Ashton kutcher

He founded two venture capital funds, A-Grade Investments in 2010 and Sound Ventures in 2014 to support tech start-ups. He has invested in Skype, Spotify, Airbnb and Uber, companies that have become over the years, big names in their sector.

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