THE writing technique par excellence for selling

THE writing technique par excellence for selling

Guest article written by Beatrix Benoist d’Anthenay

If you’ve never heard of the AIDA method, know that we are not talking about a person with a funny first name, neither an opera nor a brand but rather a method, a marketing strategy that encourages action. The writing and choice of words are at the heart of this technique.

Write to make people act and persuade

To have some writing skills is always useful, putting this talent at the service of a sales and convincing content, it is always better if you want to make the reader act, push him to buy or make him adhere to ideas. We can have a sharp pen and not know how to ‘sell’ by writing or vice versa. Used well, words have the power to persuasion… the writing understood it well! This art of seducing with words to convince the reader to take action cannot be improvised ! This discipline marketing requires very good knowledge of its target, the story told must speak to him!

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The writing is part of a content marketing strategy, the latter aims to develop a brand image, to make an entity known, to attract traffic to a website, to develop a portfolio of customers, … and copywriting is an excellent tool to integrate into your content marketing strategy ! It is thanks to relevant, personalized, powerful, engaging, human and impactful content that a brand image is built.

The copywriter writes to initiate an action : newsletter, sales page, emailing, advertising, social media, etc. are designed to encourage a specific action. Associated with a design thought to facilitate user experience, the UX for close friends, the copywriting becomes a very powerful tool, a kind of weapon capable of transforming visitors into consumers. There are several methods used by copywriters to charm the readers, one of the most famous is the AIDA method.

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AIDA, what are we talking about?

If you are interested in marketing, advertising or sales techniques, you’ve probably heard of AIDA method. This marketing method was born at the end of the 1890s. It was the American advertiser Lewis who laid the foundations for this model. It identifies four stages that the consumer goes through when making a purchase. Lewis assumes that it is possible to reproduce these psychological steps to induce the purchase. Gary Halbert, an American copywriter, will also contribute to the popularization of the AIDA method. Thanks to this process, we seduce the prospect, we introduce him to an offer or a product and we encourage him to buy immediately.

The AIDA method, funny name? It is an acronym, a kind of mnemonic which allows you to retain the rule to perfect your sales pitch. Four letters that offer a conversion leverage interesting: A for Attention, I for Interest, D for Desire and A for Action. More than a pure sales strategy, the approach is based on human psychology. Anyone who wishes to acquire something or adheres to an idea goes through these four stages. The method is still relevant today since human psychology has not taken a 180 degree turn. :)

  • A: Get the public’s attention

Easy to say, but how do you do it? Especially since today we are solicited from all sides, impossible to walk in the street without crossing many advertising posters, not to mention advertisements on the internet. We must also take into account our attention span… Particularly weak! We tend to laugh at goldfish but our real time of concentration would be less than 10 seconds … We are hyperconnected, constantly subjected to screens, emails, social networks … which have transformed us into professional zappers. How, under these conditions, to attract the attention of prospects? It’s a great challenge, we’re not going to lie to you.

To retain attention through writing, at catches the visitor’s gaze thanks to a catchy headline, powerful image, amazing font, bold turn of phrase, quirky slogan, … there is no ready-made recipe, it’s up to everyone to find powerful phrases to catch the eye according to its target and its brand image! As an example, we can cite Subway, which had posted a particularly eye-catching billboard: “ SEX ! Now that we have your attention, eat at Subway ”.

Have you managed to grab the attention of your visitors? Not bad, you must now hold their attention. The success of this step requires a great knowledge of your target! Can’t hold his attention if you don’t know your readers, your visitors, your prospects, do not know what they wait, do not understand their intentions or whatever they need. You must have identified their expectations, their questions, their doubts, …

Understand how you can help them will help you to hold their attention, this empathy must be felt in communication messages. The customization is crucial, call on emotions and show that you care about your readers, understand them and want them propose solutions ! The goal of this step is to show that your value proposition is worth it. At this stage, you are not selling your offer, you are simply showing your audience the value of your services! You must trigger this thought in your reader: “This offer speaks to me, I want to know more”.

This step is perhaps the most difficult! Just because you like your offer does not necessarily mean that it will trigger a purchase. This is why you must arouse desire. Keep in mind that your speech is far from the only one heard by your prospect, you must highlight your expertise and know-how by setting yourself apart from the competition. Talk about your offer and profits that will benefit your future client. Use logical and emotional arguments, mix textual content, illustrations, bulleted list, etc. rarity of your product, the strength of your community, the personalization of your services, … It’s up to you to find your added value !

Your ideal customer, your darling reader, your favorite visitor must have a good reason for buying your product, subscribing to your newsletter, using your services. Give credibility your offer, do not be afraid to bring concrete elements like customer testimonials, the tangible is reassuring.

  • A: Incite action

This last and final step consists of convert your prospect into a customer. For your audience to take action, you need to be persuasive ! Content should include call to action which take the form of clickable buttons, links, appointment booking, etc. call to action is the link that allows the simple reader to become a buyer, the latter must be reassuring and engaging! For incite to action, it is possible to play on the scarcity of the offer, the urgency or the exceptional side of your offer: a promotion, a gift, a bonus.

The AIDA method, we criticize?

This method is not recent and the field of marketing and digital communication has evolved a lot in recent years. However, the model still serves as a marketing benchmark and its simplicity seems to work., you can easily transpose it according to your needs, offers or services. We can also think that the purchasing decision process is much simpler and sometimes reduced to a simple desire, a crush, a very simple stimulus-reaction model.

One of the shortcomings of the AIDA method is that it stops after the last ‘A’ of AIDA, it does not take into consideration everything that may happen after the purchase, in particular customer satisfaction, customer evaluation, recommendations, etc. There are also derivatives of the AIDA model that wish to complete it, let us quote for example the AIDAS model which adds the nation of consumer satisfaction and lived experience.

The AIDA method can be used in any writing process: landing page, email, newsletter, sales page, about page, social media, article… and every marketer uses it, consciously or not! Each step is important. It’s up to you to illustrate the method with concrete examples applied to your entity, your brand and your audience! Write smart, seduce and engage!

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