The temptation of the victim narrative

The temptation of the victim narrative

Do you ever find yourself thinking any of the following things or a version of them?

  • It’s X’s fault that now [inserta situación que no te gusta].
  • What bad luck I have!
  • Why does this always happen to me?
  • And me [pasado, infancia, gobierno, economía, sistema, expareja, etc.] there would be no X I would now have / would be X
  • How unfair!
  • Poor me…
  • I’m a bastard

I do not know anyone who does not think something similar at some point. I’m not running away myself!

Feeling and being a victim of something is highly tempting, after all it is very comfortable and easy because it is a position that does not force us to change anything in our lives and puts all the responsibility on others or on the outside.

However, having a victimizing narrative comes at a high price: your own fulfillment and happiness.

Without wanting to sound pedantic, this is one of the most important podcast episodes I have created to date. Not because what I tell in it I have invented it (I am just an eternal student of life), but because in it I share information that I have learned over the years and that changed my life.

However, when I talk about the victimist narrative, the tendency I see in people is to think that this does not go with them because internally they think they are more evolved.

I think it is healthy to have a moderate dose of humility and recognize to ourselves that, even if one tries to go through life consciously and “doing the work”, it is tremendously easy to fall into victimhood and blame others.

So in this episode of my podcast I tell you:

  • What happens when you get stuck in the role of victim.
  • The secondary benefit of seeing yourself in the role of victim.
  • What is the antidote to get out of the victimizing narrative.
  • Powerful tools to turn around the way you explain what happened to yourself and with which to leave empowered and change your life.

Clever? Well, hit play!

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