The relevant translator – Marketing Arena

The relevant translator – Marketing Arena

There is one trait of marketing that has long since been lost: the ability to say things calmly. And this is precisely the lesson that I take home from Expo WM which Massimo Fattoretto and his team have organized with skill and humility: you win with order and discipline, and brilliant ideas are long gone. Unfortunately, it is no longer for everyone to invest money and two days (including Saturdays) to learn about marketing, also because the gap between academia and practice is more or less less irremediable. Brands kill brand image (tell you something supreme?) ei marketers killed the marketer (if you do not work 2 hours a day from Mauritius, you are a loser who has not understood the power of the network). And instead this time these two money and these two days had to be invested, not only because the Padua parade of the 10th issues of web marketing was a feast for the eyes, especially because the real themes and the slides of the day, slide in 2018?) are pure gold for those who do our work. I’m going to steal one from every speaker and bring home a 2019 of classrooms and events, rest assured.

It is just a shame that this fifth year university student (but also some of the juniors of the most respected agencies and companies, funny to see their bosses hungry to learn, and them to play tennis) lost Enrico Marchetto who says that without being Precious, rare, inimitable, organized (at the same time) you are not going anywhere. And it’s just a shame that you missed everyone too. For example Luca Orlandini showed landing pages that work, philosophically very far from my thinking for example, but hell it works! Everyone has brought a method, you have to have a method.

There are three sentences that struck me:

“Strategy is a struggle for attention” (V. Vellucci)

“The fundamental rule to increase relevance is to decrease irrelevance” (A. Farabegoli)

“We don’t have to talk about what we want to talk about, but we have to understand what people want to hear. We are translators ”(L. Orlandini)

Today, the marketer is a relevant translator. Outside the window there is a person who has needs and emotions biologically, physiologically. And there are us (the consultants), many of us, serving many who are paying a lot of us (the companies). Crouch like the ninja in order to place that cream, perfume, insurance or book. And then we discover that people no longer want to fall into traps that are more and more superfine but paradoxically less and less invisible, that they no longer want to run left and right to dodge “the fourth check” in your form. contact because you are going to resell the data in Uganda to an ointment seller. But damn it, I bought some headphones! And whenever the chemistry is the same: “don’t send a newsletter if you don’t have to, don’t do an editorial plan if you don’t have a story to tell, don’t advertise if you try to tear a daisy in a vase with a bulldozer ”. But above all. Above all. The brand. You think you are going to find out how it sells in 5 minutes and you find that everyone is telling you not to sell if you are not recognizable, if you cannot inspire confidence, if people don’t want you . But hell, I want a shiny reindeer, not the supreme’s shiny reindeer! Great, then you must cost less than the Chinese. Ohibò price, product … you continue.

Enrico Marchetto said something sacrosanct. Marketing is 70% analytical. Now take an agency, the consulting hours you pay, the execution you take home. It’s one thing that they are “products with analysis around” (for the 18th utility customer, I understand the entry works and I will sell you a product without fail), it’s another thing that you buy an editorial plan without a head or tail. In 2018. If you don’t think you are working with competent translators, change your translator. There are many. And if you don’t feel like you’re offering a product that may be relevant to someone (because it turns them on, because it fixes a problem), just change the product. The translator concerned can express himself in a market where relevance must be sought and found, not created. The idea of ​​building needs is now utopian. You can sell hope to the ignorant or short-term arbitrage. Or even make a living off refereeing changing focus every 6 months, but at some point you have to figure out if you want to be a scoundrel or a professional in life.

It was very nice to learn the technique, I think of Cappellotto and Fontana who discussed Amazon as it really is, and also all the other speakers, some even less assertive and overexposed. It was wonderful to hear the books mentioned, I think you markettari are people who study. The conclusion is that fewer events are needed to celebrate the last of the social stars in a sweet sauce and more moments of study between professionals open to the public, as was the case at WM expo.

I like to think that the idea of ​​a relevant translator (who shifts the focus from your product to their need) (who understands what information is important to resolve it, at what point in their search path) can be a little manifesto for the marketer of tomorrow. Whisper.

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