The pharmacist’s work in front of the cancer patient |  Pharmacy club

The pharmacist’s work in front of the cancer patient | Pharmacy club

Many times in our lives today are those we spend at the counter handing out, talking and exchanging opinions. For hours and hours, they have been assistants, technicians, cleaning staff, assistants and incumbents, asking for nothing in return, battling something unseen, in these present times.

There are pathologies which, however hidden they may be, are present in our patients and may require more comprehensive advice. From the counter we help many people on a daily basis and sometimes we do it as soon as possible to avoid the queues, and without realizing it we may not spend enough time listening to this that concerns some of our patients.

Someone with a happier face than another, or calmer or with a smile like never before. What if we stop for at least a second to review his treatment and realize that he might have cancer drugs on his prescription? How about we talk to him and her a little more? Let’s put ourselves in their shoes.

Yes that’s right, today is World Cancer Day, and a World Day helps make a lot of things more visible and it’s a great time to be able to raise your voice, make a post or get the talk. on television of a pathology forgotten in these times. But for her or for him, each day is important, and each day is a struggle in their particular world, a struggle that only they know.

This is why it is necessary to learn about cancer, to unite in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary way and, above all, not to sometimes look elsewhere. The good times will return and so will other changes, but the patient will continue to need all of us. And the worst part is that I think that in general we realize that we can touch each other.

Definitely # TogetherXelCancer

In 2019, it starts from TogetherXTuSalud

, the initiative #JuntosXElCancer, unexpectedly becoming a hashtagh which carries with it a work of more than 70 professionals which reaches the second position in the world, in the health sector. Be Twice TrendigTopic in Spain and receive over 32 million impressions on Twitter. What he does, that he receives the National Asprofa Prize 2019, a Semergen Prize and, in turn, the recognition of many users and professionals, which makes this initiative in 2020 to last more than 60 days, with a work of more than 112 professionals.

A multidisciplinary union where patients, caregivers, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, chemists, health administrators, imaging technicians, emergency personnel and much more meet. All, recounting a personal oncological experience, or teaching and accompanying the patient. Through the platform and its networks. Once again, this year 2021, we will be able to find interesting information on cancer, on the Internet. A year that marks the beginning of many changes, the opportunity to help in oncology was born from a YouTube channel, and social networks from this initiative.

In 2019, a large number of articles could be observed, moving to 2020, where many personal opinions could be read, as well as podcast programs and infographics on oncological pathology. On this occasion, the dynamic will be different and we will be able to get closer to the person who wrote us an article. Since the idea is to achieve something more formative and personal, it will only be a question of having a device nearby and being attentive to the networks and, above all, to a day like today.

The image of a puzzle piece on the palm of the hand, the hashtag de JuntosXElCáncer, is something that has always been a sign that this initiative has started, but this year 2020, unexpectedly, we could see, as for World Breast Cancer Day, it has interrupted the hashtagh #JuntosXElCancerDeMama. An idea with which they wanted to provide support to women with breast cancer and also to men. In a different way, each patient, caregiver and health worker, where obviously the pharmacists were, showed the back of the hand, with the fingernails painted pink, the hashtag # JuntosXElCácerDeMama written and the piece of a puzzle drawn.

All this is based on the backbone of #JuntosXTuSalud, a project born more than three years ago, with the idea of ​​being able to help in a multidisciplinary way.

I would like to take this post to thank all the healthcare professionals who have come together this year to make their voices heard and to work, always keeping in mind that the most important thing is to help the patient.

Ishoo Budhrani

Assistant pharmacist, at the Los Remedios pharmacy, in the municipality of Los Realejos (Santa Cruz de Tenerife).

Bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of La Laguna

Collegiate Church 2684

Author and founder of JuntosXTuSalud, # JuntosXElCáncer

Date of last modification: 02/11/2021

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