The new iOS 14 and Facebook ads, what’s going to happen?

The new iOS 14 and Facebook ads, what’s going to happen?

How to deal with the new iOS 14 and prevent your ads from dying in the attempt

So what can you do to ensure that these new changes don't affect the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns? If a large number of users decide to deny permission to be tracked, it will affect the conversions of the ads you generate, making them much lower. The ads that users see will not be personalized and therefore it will be more difficult to reach your target audience.

But don't worry, in Neoattack we know there is nothing that doesn't have a solution (and if that wasn't the case, there isn't much we should worry). These are the guidelines our top paid media experts offer you so you can weather that little downpour without having to tousle your hair.

  • The first thing you need to do is verify your domain on Facebook. Otherwise, you won't be able to post. This must be done from Facebook sales manager, via "Company settings", top right. On the left, search for “Domains” under “Brand Security” until you find “Add New Domains”. Here you can verify your domain by DNS or by downloading the HTML file. By doing this, you can ensure that none of the campaigns you start are interrupted.
  • Configure eight conversion events per domain in the Facebook event manager, in the Measure grouped events section. This will prioritize the most suitable conversion events for your business based on their activity.
  • If you want to get conversion events in your business app, you need to update the Facebook SDK for iOS 14 to version 8.1, so you can customize the ads that target iOS 14 users and still get in-app conversion event reports.

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