the new challenge of B2B sales

the new challenge of B2B sales

Social networks have interfered in communication strategies without anyone realizing it and have become essential allies in sales. Entrepreneurs must transform their business habits because the client, who has become autonomous, searches for information on products or services himself, ignoring commercial prospecting. The new challenge for sales teams is to find their place and establish a link with efficient customers!

Social selling, kesako?

Social selling is the implementation of a strategy that uses social networks to find customers, interact with them, understand them and support them to buy your products or services. If you have a business page on Facebook, a LinkedIn profile, or a business account on Twitter, then you’re already at the heart of social selling without knowing it.

How to win over the customer?

The social sale allows to conquer the customer thanks to the various publications on social networks. Internet allows customers to get information through Google searches or even and this is why the role of the salesperson is crucial by following him on Linkedin or Twitter. With all the information at their disposal, customers form an opinion, an opinion on a company that leads them to buy or not. Often, the customer returns to a site several times to confirm that they are making the right choice and to compare with other competing sites.

Salespeople who must be skilled and active on social networks

Salespeople must have a good mastery of social networks and know how to use them like Linkedin or Twitter before embarking on social selling. You should know that social selling requires being very active every day in order to be able to convince prospects. He must also understand the wishes of each target in terms of content. Depending on the clientele, some will prefer short formats, others long studies or short videos. To reach out to these people on the networks, it is important to be active by tweeting, retweeting and sharing the content that corresponds to them and thus highlight the content of your company that may interest them and therefore establish a link with they.

Distribute relevant content

Whether on Twitter or Linkedin, the content to be used can be linked to industry news, news and white papers. Sharing these elements in your network can allow prospects to take an interest in your business around different areas. Social selling involves initiating the sales process through a link that is established between salespeople and prospects. The salesperson can also share thematic content, branded content, etc.

This content will make it possible to unite people who share the same problem or area of ​​interest and then retain them because thanks to your content, they will get used to following you and your opinions will take on real importance and you will be able to thanks to this trust established enter the sales phase.

How to develop an excellent image?

Your profile before being inserted must be thought through carefully.

  • don’t forget to add photos to your professional profile
  • don’t forget to include a cover photo which is a great opportunity to reinforce your image and thus inform your prospect about your field of activity and expertise.
  • do not forget to fill in all the sections.
  • don’t hesitate to ask your customers to recommend you.

Social Selling is an essential marketing springboard because it helps to strengthen the image of the brand, give visibility and credibility, promote its expertise but above all build loyalty and transform customers into ambassadors.

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