“The more you harvest, the more you sow” the return on investment campaign with Treedom which turns dots into trees

“The more you harvest, the more you sow” the return on investment campaign with Treedom which turns dots into trees

REPAYMENT, Multipartner Marketing Platform which today has an ecosystem of around 300 Partners between Retailers and eCommerce, is launching the “More collection, more seeds” campaign, produced in collaboration with Treedom, this transforms the promotional points that customers will accumulate with their own spending among Partners participating in the initiative, in the trees that will populate the PAYBACK forest.

The collaboration with Treedom foresees, for the active campaign from July 5 to August 8, 2021, a direct involvement of customers who can participate in the initiative simply by using the coupons of participating partners which can be activated with a click on the site or the ‘REFUND application. Several partners participating in the initiative: how American Express, Bricofer & Self, Carrefour, Esso, Maxi Zoo and many online partners.

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Purchases made by customers from these Partners will allow them to accumulate promotional points which will contribute to the creation of the PAYBACK forest. PAYBACK’s objective is to reach the threshold of 45 million points which correspond to the planting of 3000 trees, a goal that can be achieved through the contribution of all those who join the initiative and participate in a collective marathon for a common objective which can be followed on the PAYBACK site thanks to an active counter throughout the duration of the campaign.

In addition to planting trees – which are valuable allies because they produce oxygen, absorbing CO₂ from the atmosphere – the project designed by PAYBACK with Treedom will also bring social and economic benefits to the communities concerned.

The more you harvest, the more you sow

The positive impact of trees does not stop with planting, but lasts over the years, benefiting the populations who take care of them, and the entire planet. The story of these projects will be told on the site in Treedom, where each tree planted will have its own dedicated page with a photo, GPS coordinates and an estimate of its environmental contribution.

The campaign is part of a larger path that PAYBACK has undertaken as part of the durability. Among the most recent initiatives, launched this year, we find the digitization of the PAYBACK rewards catalog which also presents a selection of sustainable choices. The push to use the App as a channel of access to all promotions and also to the electronic card goes in the same direction, with the aim of initiating the process of dematerialization of the physical card.

Luca Leoni, CEO of PAYBACK Italy, commented :

The project with Treedom and the other initiatives we have launched this year represent for us small actions in the field of sustainability. In fact, we want to do our part, however modest, with the hoped-for achievement of the objective of planting the 3000 trees that will constitute the PAYBACK forest. For us, the project represents a lasting and concrete commitment that will remain alive beyond the campaign period, not only for nature and the development time it requires, but also and above all because we want to nourish the forest every year. PAYBACK with initiatives involving customers, who have directly contributed to its construction, but also our employees in a perspective of common commitment that can make the difference.

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It will also be active during the campaign period the “Collect & Win” competition to reward virtuous and sustainable customers who will activate and use at least 2 coupons from two different partners marked with an icon in the shape of a tree and will automatically participate in the competition it organizes 2,000,000 to win points with which the winners can claim as prizes, for example, a bicycle, or coupons to use at the time of purchase. Each customer can also activate the special coupon from the PAYBACK application “DOUBLE”, marked with the “Collect & Win” logo, double the chances of participating in the draw provided for by the competition.

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