The levers to acquire qualified traffic on your e-commerce

The levers to acquire qualified traffic on your e-commerce

You are an e-merchant and you want have quality traffic on your website ? You are looking for the keys so that your e-commerce is visible among the 200,000 online merchant sites in France in 2020 ? In this guide, discover the different actions to be implemented to boost your e-commerce and generate qualified traffic.

Correctly reference your e-commerce site

There are two types of SEO: natural and the paying. Whatever method you choose, a good SEO allows your site tobe first in the results of Google searches. A considerable help to increase the traffic of its e-commerce site with its potential buyers.

SEO, the most effective lever for acquiring traffic

The natural reference, also called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a key method for have traffic on a site. It is a set of elements allowing to place a site in the first results of Google.

SEO is an effective long-term strategy

Because, if there are several search engines, like Bing, Yahoo, Ecosia… Google is the best known, and the most used. In France, in 2020, approximately 92% of searches

on the Internet are made on Google. If there is one place where you have to be present, it is here. Thanks to natural reference, it’s possible, for free!

The natural reference of course requires knowledge and time to put everything in place and above all to reap the benefits of the actions carried out. It is a work of patience, in the long term. But when the desired results arrive, the benefits are there.

The advantages of SEO are:

  • Theacquisition of constant traffic : By placing your site on cleverly chosen keywords, you can be found every day by different users who will type in those terms.
  • Theacquisition of qualified traffic : the people who will be on your site thanks to the organic results will have chosen to be there. They are on your site because they searched for a term that you are placed on that has brought them to you.
  • Theacquisition of free traffic : without spending a cent, it is possible to be very well positioned on Google. It takes time and skill in this area. This is why it is very interesting to train in natural referencing so as not to leave anything to chance.

Be well placed on Google on specific keywords allows to hit a qualified target. This is particularly effective for e-commerce, which offers solutions to prospects’ problems: their products.

Exactly, Internet users will tap on Google their problem or their questions. The search engine then offers them the best solutions for them.

With properly worked natural referencing, you will be one of the solutions offered to Internet users. They will therefore have an easier time trusting you and make purchases on your online store.

The SEA for traffic quickly

The SEA, acronym for Search Engine Advertising, is the listing fee. The principle is to create Google advertising in order to be featured on the search results page of a specific query.

Paid SEO is expensive but quickly effective

The SEA is chargeable and operates according to an auction system. In other words, the more popular the query you have defined, the more competition you will have, and the more it will cost to get your ad visible.

This strategy can bring in a lot of visitors, but it is also risky. Indeed, if you choose to place you on a little searched term, very few people will find your site. It will be a waste of time, and money, even if it won’t cost you a lot.

And if you advertise a term that is not in line with your e-commerce, you will get traffic but it will not be of quality. The conversion rate will be very bad since your visitors will not find their answers in your site, and they will not consume. To opt for the paid search strategy, you must therefore be ready to do tests and waste money, the time to learn and optimize your campaigns.

Finally, keep in mind that the Internet user can see your ad, and therefore know that you have paid for it to be well placed. Some people prefer to avoid click on sponsored results, 20% of Internet users, and go directly to the natural results.

SEA is therefore a risky strategy, while SEO can take longer to produce results but remains a safe bet and a profitable investment in the long term.

Blogs, a great help to get traffic

Create a blog is a great way to get traffic on your e-commerce site. But for have visibility on the Internet, it is also a good idea to be present on other people’s blogs. This is called “work on your backlinking”In SEO lingo.

Create blog posts

If you are the head of an online store, it is very interesting for you towrite blog posts. This has several advantages:

  • Prove your expertise on the subject
  • Obtain the trust of Internet users
  • Promote your products
  • Answer people’s questions

Having a blogis to proceed with the strategy ofinbound marketing. This strategy consists in letting Internet users come towards you, rather than going towards them.

But for your blog posts to be interesting for both the internet user and for Google, they need to be optimized. For this, knowing SEO is essential. Otherwise, it is possible to call a Web Editor.

Write guest articles

The publication ofguest articles is free and really beneficial for a website. The principle is simple: write articles that will be published on other sites, on the same theme as yours and influential.

blog_article invited_guest blogging
Select influential blogs in your topic and offer them your articles.

Guest articles have several advantages:

  • Become known
  • Show your expertise
  • Improve the popularity of your site thanks to backlinks
  • Create a relationship with bloggers / partners in your industry

An article published on another site with a link that points to your online store will improve your SEO, and therefore your traffic.

Another advantage is that if your article provides readers with good information, they will want to click on your link in order to discover your e-commerce.

In addition, having many privileges that point to his e-commerce is well seen by theGoogle algorithm and will bring you up in the search results.

Writing articles on sites that are more popular and influential than yours is therefore a great way to gain traffic.

Create visibility through social networks

Social networks are numerous, and are used daily by a large part of the population. They are filled with potential customers and it is therefore a place where you have to be present, because it is an important traffic acquisition lever for an e-commerce. It will also strengthen your Branding, important element to convert well.

Be present on social networks to be found

The presence on a social network like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn is proof of modernity and sociability. Having a large number of subscribers is a sign ofauthority. But how do you get there?

Before registering on social networks, you must identify your ideal client, at target. This allows you to know where they are mainly present, and how to communicate with them. To fund your account on social networks, it is possible to share blog posts, tips, contests … Your subscribers will “liker”, comment or share your publications. Thus, this activity will be visible to their own friends, who will then be able to discover you.

Social networks are therefore a source of traffic for an e-commerce not to neglect. It is possible to use a community manager who will care for you in your presence on social networks.

Partnerships with influencers

Influencers, whether they are bloggers, youtubers or instagram starsHave a very large community. Many people follow and admire them. They have one acquired hearing, where they can talk about your product. If the option is open, they can even test drive the product to show how simple it works.

Influencers have managed to gain the trust of their followers thanks to their way of thinking and their honesty. It is therefore possible contact an influencer of your domain by asking it to test one of your products. Some will do it for free, others will ask for a fee in addition to the product test. In any case, it is a way of gain visibility and therefore in traffic.

content generated by influencer_user
Carefully select the influencers who will represent your brand.

Having traffic is essential for an e-commerce to work. Without visitors there is nopurchase and therefore no turnover. Fortunately, there are many possibilities for e-merchants to create visibility on the Internet. Between the natural reference, the blog posts and the social networks, the choice is wide. Choose the best solution for hit a qualified target.

But once the consumers are present, it is still necessary retain. What’s the point of having a customer who only buys once from your online store, then forgets you and goes elsewhere? Loyalty levers for an e-commerce are still numerous: newsletters, marketplaces, price comparators …

Now that you know the different levers for acquiring traffic for an e-commerce, it’s time to take action! Sign up on social media, start a blog, or take an interest in SEO.

And if you want to talk about support solutions to have more customers on the web, contact us and let’s talk !

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