The keys to get started with your corporate podcast

The keys to get started with your corporate podcast

Let’s face it, creating a podcast is scary. Listeners love them, but what about those brave people who are willing to step on the other side for the first time? For all of them, the moment when the microphone begins to pick up can be overwhelming.

And here you are, dear reader, investigating what is the best way to create a corporate podcast. Surely you have realized, and your intuition does not fail you, that this medium is one of the best methods to reach your customer. Well, get ready because here are a few tips on best practices when creating a podcast for your company.

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This post is dedicated to Robin Williams for his role on Good Morning Vietnam.

Reasons to include a corporate podcast in your inbound marketing strategy

As we said, you are right. Possibly a corporate podcast is just what your company needs to follow a inbound marketing strategy

. Therefore, from Neoattack we encourage you to take a microphone and start transmitting your knowledge, for the following reasons:

✅A podcast is cheap

Jimmy Hendrix recorded his magnificent album “Are you experienced” at the prestigious Olimpic Studios, but you do not need such a wide array of media to start your corporate podcast. To get started in this world, if you want to have a good quality, it is worth investing less than € 100 in a good recorder, and sometimes even that is not necessary.

✅A podcast generates a lot of engagement

Whoever listens to you on a podcast, listens to you because they want to know about you. He may love you in the background while he is immersed in other tasks, but in any case you will be there accompanying him, sharing your company culture, transmitting knowledge and becoming his best friend.

It is a very grateful medium, since no one is there unhappy or want to solve an immediate question. In a podcast, the listener wants to take it easy and that in marketing is worth GOLD.

✅A podcast is a creative medium

On radio or podcast you can pretend that you are a correspondent in a medieval battle or pretend that you are traveling to Hong Kong. Sky is the limit! You have an incredible tool to appeal to the imagination of the listener. You can make use of sound effects or simply narrate what “happens” around you and give it a little imagination.

These resources make the audience enter your program feeling more immersed. In relation to this aspect, your role is not very far from that of a storyteller.

microphone for podcast.

Best practices for starting a corporate podcast

And now yes. After you’ve reviewed some of the reasons why you should pick up your microphone and start sharing content, we tell you the steps you have to take to create your company podcast program.

➡️Plan a schedule of programs

The first steps in starting a podcast don’t go through the microphone. We recommend that plan your play very well in your strategy of inbound marketing; and if you don’t have one, you can always enter our article on the 4 phases of inbound marketing. Investigate, explore, pry on Youtube and Google to see what’s cooking and find those topics of greatest interest related to your sector.

And once you’ve found “the topic of your next podcast,” focus your speech on something more specific to attack those Google queries that haven’t been covered yet. If your company is a fashion store and your next show is going to be about Versace, why not just talk about the jobs he did for Elton John?

Note that the more exact the title of your corporate podcast, such as “Versace Suits for Elton John”, the more chances you will have that it is in first position in Google searches. This would be in line with a keyword strategy longtail. Closely related to your SEO strategy.

Determine a calendar and go thinking and writing down those topics you want to discuss in the future.

➡️Leave a cushion of programs

Since this is a recorded medium, you can leave three or four programs ready before I start posting the first one. Keep in mind that the larger your content cushion, the more likely you will have to tack in case of unforeseen events.

➡️Decide the duration of your corporate podcast

You have to be consistent with the time you have to prepare your programs and be consistent. It does not matter if the duration is 30 or 3 minutes. Stick to a duration that you can commit to.

➡️Choose the platform well.

The first thing you should ask yourself is “Where is my potential customer?”. There are several platforms where you can upload your programs. You could use Ivoox or Itunes to host your shows, but maybe your audience doesn’t go through those platforms very often.

Have you thought of other less orthodox alternatives? For example, Instagram TV is on the rise and is possibly a good place to start posting your corporate podcast, even though it’s intended for video. Twitch, with its live shows and the possibility of saving previous programs, would also be an excellent alternative to try to make your own radio program. Of course, keep in mind that the recording would be live.

Social networks are tools that can be adjusted to your content. Be naughty. Give everyday formats a twist and finds a new door of interest to users.

What media do I need to create my podcast?

You don’t need a large amount of media to start generating your audio content. You just have to keep the following in mind:

  • A recorder: A 100 euro recorder will be more than enough to capture the sound. You can also use a lower quality recorder with a cloth, to act as an anti-pop.
  • A computer: You need to dump all the audios somewhere to make the montage and the pertinent arrangements. Nowadays, any computer has enough performance to make your own sound montage, so don’t hesitate to take any computer and put it to work.
  • An editing software: A software is necessary to cut the bad fragments and give a package to your programs. And there are kicks! There are many free programs. A simple Google search will surely help you find the ideal program for you.
  • Some helmets: A pair of headphones is very necessary so that you can check that the sound is being recorded properly. You could use any model, but headphones with a noise gate will be perfect to isolate you from the sound around you and focus exclusively on what goes into the microphone

Structure the content of your programs

And now that you’ve got everything you need to get started… you don’t know what to say? Here comes the real job, because you need create interesting and entertaining content for your listeners. Afraid? Do not fear because we give you some guidelines for your program to sweep through digital platforms.

podcast show on air

▶ ️Write your corporate podcast program

Write and if necessary rewrite. Even if you are a person with great speech skills, you need to organize the speech. For example, you can present your content as a story that you want to tell. Start with a work anecdote that you have had in the company recently and continue linking with the topic of the podcast, and then draw a final conclusion.

▶ ️Be close on your podcast

Radio and podcasts have a very intimate touch that works in your favor. Therefore, you should take the opportunity to make the viewer feel that they are in the kitchen of your business. Let go of your tie and go for naturalness.

▶ ️Transmit your business culture

What does your company believe in? What is the reason for your brand? What are your values? These points need to be made clear and give the listener reasons to trust your brand when converting. Nowadays it is very necessary to align with the convictions and way of life of the client, so sign up which are the elements that can transmit closeness and trust to the listener.

▶️Introduce un call to action

You should give some information pill about your product or what you want to achieve with your corporate podcast. Don’t go too long, just a little parenthesis so that the client knows when, how and where to find us. And you should make this little note at the beginning and end of your show, times when the viewer pays the most attention. Name your social networks, incorporate a lead magnet, inform the opening hours of your store … everything that can make the customer buy.

▶ ️Use a hook to see the next show

This is what is always done in movies with scheduled sequels. In the last shot, Jason from “Friday the 13th” was coming out of the lake threateningly, El Socabador from “The Incredibles” was threatening peace in the city again and Dr. Emet Brown from “Back to the Future” was returning from the future with a new mission to Marty Mcfly. To be continue? Of course!

This is a vital point since it is important to provoke curiosity for the next program, to give the listener a reason to come back and dedicate a moment of their day to you again. You can raise some mystery, comment on who is going to participate in the next show, or just say half what is going to happen next week, “Our next guest is an expert in wedding dresses. Find out in the next program.

We hope that all these ideas will help your corporate podcast lead your company to success. And don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions! Fill in our Contact Form or write us at We will be happy to know everything about your projects and discover what goes through those little heads full of good ideas.

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