The Interest of Copywriting in Web Writing

The Interest of Copywriting in Web Writing

Guest article written by Séverine Robert, freelance web editor.

The copywriting in web writing is the essential marketing ball to motivate any Internet user to select and read an entire article on a website or blog. Let’s see how the copywriter manipulates the words for convince a visitor to take action. Study and understand user behavior fed this specialist in human psychology to trigger clicks and sell more. What if aiming for # 1 on Google wasn’t the only goal of any good content writer?

What is copywriting in web writing?

A powerful method of persuasion

In web writing, copywritten content attracts and pushes the reader to action by clicking on a link, or by giving his email address to:

  • upload a document;
  • subscribe to a publication (newsletter or YouTube channel, for example);
  • to order.

The digital strategy of getting a prospect to knock on your door rather than enticing them yourself with multiple advertising campaigns is called theInbound Marketing. The copywriter applies this technique by employing a impactful writing style and a very convincing tone. His intervention boosts the sales of an e-commerce site or the notoriety of a blog exponentially… if it is good!

The different fields of application of copywriting

In writing for the web, this style of writing is most often used in the following areas:

  • e-mailing campaign followed by a sales funnel;
  • subscription to a newsletter;
  • text for infographics;
  • post on social networks;
  • video ;
  • participation in an event.

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The qualities of a copywriter

Behind this bizarre name hides a know-how extremely sought after by web professionals. Also called a copywriter, the copywriter has marketing skills. It identifies the target’s needs and guides them in a relevant way towards a solution (purchase, subscription, etc.). The quality of its pitch obeys 3 key points:

  1. draw attention ;
  2. create a close link with the reader;
  3. gain trust by generating credibility.

The copywriting writer is also a excellent narrator and must be able to capture the imagination of its audience. For this, it uses the narration, the art of storytelling. If the reader identifies himself through the copy, bingo: he engages more easily in an act of conversion whatever it is.

By definition, copywriter empathy helps him put himself in the place of the target chosen by his client. This allows him to anticipate the expectations and questions of his audience, to anticipate his reactions and thus develop his argument accordingly.

For the copywriter, it is essential to know who to contact. So he has to build a persona.

How to create your persona?

Establish a robot portrait of the target

In web writing, the ideal client is called a persona. Imagine a droid, to which you give a name to humanize it. The latter takes on all the social and psychological characteristics of a target group and becomes your single point of contact.

Sensitive to human psychology, without being a couch professional, the copywriter has several sources of information to create his persona:

  • his intuition;
  • his personal knowledge;
  • statistics ;
  • extracts from community content, such as forums, faqs, social networks.

Create a connection with the reader

As a copywriter, you need to know your persona as well as possible.

  • needs ;
  • fears or anxieties;
  • habits;
  • sources of pleasure;
  • dreams;
  • leisure, etc …

The more you know about him, the more you get his attention, using the same language as him.

Building a persona remains delicate to establish so as not to fall into clichés and aim sideways. However, writing for the web without bothering to study or imagine a persona is like talking to yourself and won’t affect anyone. Better a little sketch of an individual than writing to a stranger!

FYI, my 7-year-old son is already an excellent copywriter: to get something, he knows exactly how to go about it according to his interlocutor and adapts his speech accordingly …

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Can we combine SEO optimization and copywriting?

An SEO optimized article and copywritten text don’t work the same way. Ideally, SEO content contains a deep semantic field and keywords suitable for SEO. They provide the interlocutor with rich and relevant information. Google robots scan the structure of the page for positioning at the top of its results.

The copywriter uses his persuasive force with a clear, direct and precise style by focusing more on the emotions, specific to humans. He only has a few seconds of attention from his reader to achieve this masterful trick.

However, in any article there are elements that should be copywritten to optimize its performance and above all, to be read:

  • The title tag is essential because it is with it that everything begins. Indeed, it is she who displays the page title in the SERP results. It must imperatively make you want to click, create surprise, suspense, in short, challenge the reader. It’s the equivalent of the front page of a traditional newspaper.
  • The meta-description tag should be drafted with care. This is the pitch of the article. It extends the effect of the title by providing an overview of the content and tone used. Its goal is to arouse curiosity without revealing everything.
  • Hn tags, containing titles and subtitles within the article, make you want to read the entire content.
  • Copywritten images are selected according to their colors and the emotions they give off. They are there to illustrate the point, but also to make people want to share the article.

How does a converting sales page work?

Focus attention hypnotically

The online sales page follows a path that leads the visitor to purchase. Its sole purpose is to take it to the purchase order stage. Sometimes the copywriter highlights needs that the prospect may not yet be aware of. He introduces the benefits of the product rather than the technology or the means implemented for its completion. He makes a promise to the reader by clearly and quickly announcing everything that the product will bring him:

  • earn more money ;
  • improve their well-being;
  • losing weight ;
  • become an SEO expert …

Approved by copywriting pros, the method AIDA groups 4 motivation sequences ultimate and is one of the mantras of the writer-designer:

  1. Aattention;
  2. Iinterest;
  3. reand;
  4. Action

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This sales pitch has already generated several thousand euros in income through the production of irresistible content, intended for the sale of various solutions (training, plans, technological objects, personal development, etc.).

With a possible remuneration based on the percentage of sales made (life annuity), this leaves one dreaming of the potential salary of a copywriting expert!

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Position yourself as a friend rather than a salesperson

For Christian Godefroy, great master of copywriting, we do not make most of our decisions rationally, but emotionally. A sales page, to effectively convert prospects into customers, must therefore create an emotional bond with your reader.

This is where empathy comes in. Admitting your weaknesses is a quality in copywriting. By contextualizing, it suffices to show that one has been confronted with similar problems and how the product has been sold to find a happy ending.

With storytelling, the target is projected into the use of the product and imagines achieving results identical to the people whose copywriter tells the story. The use of testimonials and anecdotes makes the story more authentic. In the end: the reader has the feeling of entering into the intimacy of real people, the rate of credibility and trust increases.

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Less than 10 seconds to convince

The Internet user is in a hurry and pecks the content more often than he actually reads it. To be effective, a sales page must have a clear and readable design and the editor has to get to the point. The emphasis is on immediate benefit, instant or quick results.

Landing page hotspot checklist:

  • Offer free content (white paper, free sample, trial offer, etc.) for enhance the offer and introduce the notion of reciprocity. A text is more likely to be read in its entirety if the prospect receives a gift related to their area of ​​interest.
  • Reassure the potential buyer on the ease of use. No one likes to waste time with notices.
  • Make the copywriting look different from a sales page. Presenting it in the form of an article is more attractive. Examples of titles: ” How did this man manage to improve his traffic by over 50% in 3 weeks, why is it so hard to get traffic to his site? “, rather than ” Discover the new method to boost your traffic “. The quiz is also very popular with Internet users and promises a personalized answer that will more easily arouse their engagement.
  • Integrate strong and impactful words by mastering the hypnotic copywriting : ultimate, surprising, formidable, guaranteed, secret, free, now…
  • Play on urgency reinforces the attractiveness of the offer. A count showing the number of places still available or the time remaining to take advantage of the opportunity not to be missed is perfect for this.
  • Acquire foolproof credibility: even if the product makes it possible to obtain miraculous results, formulas that are too enticing are to be avoided. On the contrary, better to flatter the perspicacity of the persona by revealing the truth about his real gains if he buys the solution. For example, in the sale of accelerated training to learn English, with a revolutionary practice allowing to become bilingual in 6 weeks, the prospect’s confidence will be easier to obtain by remembering that it will have to provide an effort (attendance, concentration, exercises…) to achieve it successfully.
  • Challenge the reader: ” Are you ready to…, will you have the courage to…

The length of a sales page is not really a determining factor in its effectiveness. But the more expensive the product, the richer the sales page must be to reassure consumers and counter any objections with strong evidence or arguments.

According to Henry Ford, “ The secret of success, if there is one, is the ability to put yourself in the other’s shoes and consider things from your point of view as much as from ours. »You will understand, copywriting in web writing is based above all on empathy and a precise analysis of the target, in addition to the know-how of an SEO copywriter. The abundance of content posted every day requires the integration of copywritten elements to stand out from the crowd and push to click ! Writing style established according to proven marketing rules, copywriting is the absolute and indispensable weapon of conversion for any online business.

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