The importance of the domain name for SEO

The importance of the domain name for SEO

A good domain name sends a strong signal to search engines.

Any business that wants to create a website will need to choose a domain name from the start. This step is very important because it will determine the name of the URL. This article explains how to choose the right domain name that won’t hurt your SEO.

What is a domain name?

This is the URL of your website that will allow Internet users to find your platform. It translates a series of digits from the IP address into a name that is readable for users. This is often made up of the name of the brand or a company. At the very end of the address, you must also choose the extension (eg .ca, .com, .fr or .gouv).

This is what a domain name looks like:

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Why is the domain name important?

1. It influences SEO

Search engines need to be able to fully understand the nature of your business website and what it can offer Internet users. Indeed, Google and Bing have the role of connecting queries to quality websites that can meet their real needs. Make their work easier by choosing a name in the colors of your company.

2. It represents the image of the company

It is in a way the presentation of your business on the Web. By reading the domain name of your URL, people should know that this site is owned by your business, not someone else’s. This is what sets your platform apart from others.

How to choose a domain name?

Several tips can help you choose one domain name over another. Some tools like the site Come on daddy allow you to see if the name you have in mind is already taken or not and how much it costs approximately. Similar variants are also available to you.

1. Be simple

The domain name should be easy to find on the web for search engines and for Internet users. Choose a name that will be easily remembered.

2. Be unique

Try as much as possible not to choose a domain name that looks a lot like your competitors’. If the name is the same, but there is a dot or hyphen separating two names, you may be losing web traffic and the bounce rate will increase, as people might get the wrong one. platforms. To make sure that no other company is buying a nearly identical domain name, you can buy two or three.

3. Choose the extension wisely

The choice of the extension is very important. There are several categories of extensions, either those related to the country (eg .ca for Canada), those that are generic (eg .com or .org). Choose the extension according to the country in which your company is located or according to your commercial activity.

4. Check if the name you are targeting is already taken

If you find that a competitor already has the domain name you are targeting, your best bet would be to continue your research to find a different one. Play on the key words that matter in your field. If not, ask if that company wants to sell their domain name to you, which is unlikely.

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