The Hotmart platform is an influential global education company

The Hotmart platform is an influential global education company

The podium is Hotmart it The only Latin American start-up on the list of companies Global Edtech, which was added to the list of GCV Global EdTech, chose 50 companies considered to be the world’s most influential in the field of technology-based education, as well as names of large companies such as Duolingo, Coursera and Masterclass.

In recent years, the education market has faced tremendous growth, with some pioneering solutions helping in the field of Distance education Like online courses and courses to remove barriers that hinder learning, as well as helping millions of people gain knowledge or earn money from the experiences and knowledge they have.

The companies that were elected to this list have been disclosed by the company GSV Ventures It is a global platform for innovation and investment in education and technology, at the 2020 Summit ASU + GSV Summit It is considered the largest educational technology conference in the world.

When compiling the list of companies, GSV Ventures assessed criteria such as educational impact, knowledge of the student base, fields of activity, as well as the international reach of companies. In total, 50 companies have reached over 2.7 billion students worldwide.

From what was said by Mr. (João Pedro Resende), CEO and co-founder of the Hotmart platform:

“We continue to walk with steadfastness and enthusiasm to help the world, relying on the technology that provides the two greatest forces that drive transformation in any society: education and entrepreneurship.”

It is a great honor for Hotmart to be present alongside major companies with global influence in education on this list. This is what helps us strengthen our mission of supporting education, transferring knowledge and expertise, as well as providing opportunities for all people.

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