The great importance of segmentation

The great importance of segmentation

By Dennis Pizarro

Segmentation is a concept that a priori It can be very technical, is it really? I wouldn’t generalize if I ventured to say that we are all continually segmenting. The reason we are not aware of this process is that it is unintentional.

By definition, segmentation is the division of something into certain segments.

The objective is to create small homogeneous groups within a heterogeneous “universe”, in short to seek a certain order out of chaos.

Surely if I tell you to name your friends, you will be able to tell me a few,here! It is thanks to a segmentation that you have done unconsciously, among all the people you have met, you have selected a group based on characteristics that you have found ideal to enter this segment that we call “friends”.

With that figured out, let’s say you want to start selling a product, intuitively you may think that the right thing to do is try to sell to everyone, but it’s not the right approach. In a market where there are a large number of customers, trying to cover them all is not a very effective method, over time you will find that segmentation is your best ally.

Let’s give a practical example, imagine that we want to promote our medicine to general practitioners in an entire autonomous community, it is impossible to maintain a sales network and a promotional investment to reach them all. Instead, we can analyze the market and segment primary care physicians by prescribing potential. By doing something as simple as this, we were able to observe that, for example, 25% of all GPs concentrate 85% of prescriptions, thanks to this we can concentrate and invest our economic resources in this segment to increase it. make the most. .

In the world of marketing, there are many ways to segment potential customers and the market: geographically, by gender, age, psychographically, attitudinal …

This segmentation was born following a preliminary analysis of the market and is totally necessary to carry out a good strategy. In addition, there are other reasons why it is so important, for example, it allows us to tailor investment levels so that we can know which segments we will devote more economic resources to than another. , this will allow us to choose and customize the strategy that will be intended for each of them, we will be able to identify common characteristics within individuals belonging to the same segment and be more efficient when it comes to meeting their expectations and needs. and even observe the potential of each group and tailor the promotional effort.

The digitization process has allowed segmentation to be a more precise and refined process, not only does it allow having a client file, it also allows us to observe different metrics, behaviors, interests and routines of each of them. en in order to form groups of clients in files that have common characteristics and to send them the ideal content and messages through the ideal channel.

In conclusion, segmentation is a necessity for any business aiming to sell a product or service to succeed and it will play a key role in defining the strategy to be followed.

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