The essential Google tools for web marketing and SEO

The essential Google tools for web marketing and SEO

There is a universe of Google Tool that can change your life online. Adsense is great for making money online, Search Console helps you improve website, Google Analytics measures results and Google drive improves productivity.

What are the best Google tools?

The list is long and I update it every month, so that we can always come up with a good list of useful tools for web marketing, SEO and not only. I have put together several fundamental Google tools for the daily management commitments and work. Also online education. Do you want my toolkit with Google tools?


Cannot not start the list of best tools to leverage Google with a reference to Lighthouse.

Namely one of more precise tools when it comes to providing lab data to improve the performance of websites, e-commerce and blogging in every way.

And starting with a simple action in the control panel of yours Chrome browser.

Because it is so important this tool ? Simple, with this reality you can face one of the most important challenges for your website: optimization.

Not just in terms of SEO and not exclusively to improve the speed of a blog WordPress very slow. For this there is Preview page speed which remains an interesting solution to improve.

Currently Lighthouse it is also one of the decisive tools for working on ergonomics, on improving the pages and the site in terms of Essential elements of the web.

Controllo robots.txt

One of the historical problems of improvised webmasters: they have always used robots.txt with infinite superficiality. Result? Help, my site is not displayed on Google.

This problem is solved in two ways: no improvisation and careful use of a tool that bears the name of Robot test tool. With this solution, you can insert a Permanent link and find out if by any chance you’ve taken an inappropriate action.

Monitoring travel trends

You want to know how the travel and travel market is evolving post-pandemic tourism? Here is a Google tool that can make the difference in niche analysis: It is an essential research tool.

Keyword Planner

A point of reference for all SEO experts. Even though they exist today dozens of tools solutions that deliver similar and superior results – like Semrush and Ubersuggest – let’s not forget that it all starts with Keyword Planner. That means?

This is Google’s tool for find the CPC and the search volume for the keywords that interest us. Please note, today most of the data is only available to those who activate campaigns on Google Ads (formerly AdWords).

Preview page speed

It is one of the best google tools currently available. You can use this tool to find the number of issues – and the magnitude – that are preventing a single web page from achieving its best speed.

Preview page speed
Measure speed with Google.

Over time the Preview page speed it has become more and more severe but also particularly comprehensive in providing information useful for optimization.

To use it, just go to the page and enter the URL: so you will receive an evaluation from 0 to 100 where the first result is the least, the poorest. Get as far away as possible!

Google docs

It is impossible to create a list of the best Google tools without excluding one of the indispensable safeguards of this reality. Here you can move your virtual office, do you know?

In fact Google docs represents a benchmark for everyone, both for those who work online every day and for ordinary users who need avalid alternative and efficient to the classic program for writing texts. Not to mention that you have a myriad of Google Docs tips that make the experience unforgettable.

Data studio

You want to present your company SEO like a boss? Do you need a tool to show customers the results of optimization? Maybe you need a solution for specify growth data from your valuable channel Youtube?

What is Google Data Studio.

The models of Google Data Studio they are great, perfect to adapt to other platforms like research console, Google Analytics, Adsense and Google Ads (formerly AdWords). Once you experience this reality, you will not be able to go back.

Google alert

The essential resources for working well with the web always include, and I always say, Google alert. Because it’s one of the best mentions tracking tools on the web. If someone, for example, mentions your brand on a webpage, it tools on google saves it. Obviously if you have defined the need and the strategic objective.

Market finder

Do you want to take the plunge and move from a national market to an international market? Sure, but you have a lot of doubts to deal with. In reality, no one will solve them definitively but you can have more information free of charge.

How? ‘Or’ What? It would take a Google Tool, true? Here is the resource you were looking for: Market finder, simple and efficient. Here, information is decisive.

google trends

With this tool you can monitor a useful data for those who work with content: look for trends in time and space. google trends is critical.

How to use Google Trends.

Why with that SEO Tool Google, you can manage the editorial calendar for the best. Always focused on best titles to keep your audience.

Optimize Google

A paradise for those who love data, for those who want follow developments concrete changes made to a website. With Google Optimize tools you can modify certain aspects of your website and do A / B tests to find out how yours reacts target. To then choose the best solution to implement on your portal.

Google Image

Could you imagine the web without the image search engine? Here you will find everything your business needs content marketing and you can use this Google tool strategically: the reverse lookup allows you to define the image you want to explore as a query. This junction is fundamental for two activities.

That means? First, you can prevent people from using your images. without quote and protect you from everything link building errors based on leaving your content to other bloggers without a quote. Then there is the possibility to do a good source check and find out if an image has already been used elsewhere.

Podcast manager

Are you a podcaster? You have decided to record your voice and want to achieve good results by web marketing terms thanks to this solution? Create the podcast channel and import it into this Google tool: podcast manager is what you need.

Shops in crescita

Not a tool but a series of indications to improve your work. This is what Google Retail in Growth is: with this tool, you collect valuable information.

Shops in crescita
Here is how this Google utility works.

Shops in Crescita is a Google tool to discover market niches and sectors moving towards economic growth. So you know where to invest the efforts.

Google Scholar

Looking for in-depth Pagespeed Insight? Do you want to find academic sources and publications? Don’t waste time elsewhere, make the most of your trusted friend: Just a search with its internal engine.

Search Console

Could you complete the list of the best Google tools without mentioning the Search Console? This platform collects a a set of tools essential for maintenance, SEO optimization and more. For example?

Here you will find the penalty verification section, the tool to find out all 404 errors, problems with the canonical rel and to locate all internal links.

Search Console
Let’s focus on Search Console.

You can monitor the progress of top keywords, web essentials, and sitemap. In addition, you have additional options with additional Google tools like the one to monitor crawl budget, rich snippets and optimization. compatible with mobiles.

Search operators

Of course they exist alternative search engines who can still give a lot. But Google is definitely this works better from several points of view.

One of them is the universe of search operators. That is to say commands which allows to refine and refine the results. By excluding or including certain solutions. Do you want the list of the main search operators used on Google?

URL checker

The Search Console is certainly one of the tool by webmaster essential. In this section, however, a number of Google tools coexist that they have specific functions. Like, for example, theURL checker. It is a tool designed to force the crawl and indexing of a web page.

Google analytics

We can close a session dedicated to Google Tool not to mention one of everyone’s most famous, used and useful internet? Not really, it’s not possible.

Mention in this list Google analytics it is doing justice to a world based on certainties and the linearity of information. What would you do, for example, tool-free check which content gets the most visits?

And could you put a good one web marketing strategy without objectives or KPIs? No it’s why Google analytics it should always be at the center of your thoughts.

Read: the main tools for tracking mentions

Google calendar

A reality of mountain view well known to those who work online: with Google calendarin fact, you can add tasks and appointments to a virtual, shareable calendar.

google calendar
Manage your activities with Google Calendar.

With Chrome you can use the plugin which allows you to add interesting functions to Google calendar who remains a faithful colleague at work. Want to contribute to the list? Do you know of any other interesting Google tools for your work?

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