The customer advisor, the asset of your customer service

The customer advisor, the asset of your customer service

Part of the role of the client advisor is dedicated to sales phase, by that mean attentive listening, sound advice and personalized support for your client! Then after the counseling phase Then sales phasecome here follow-up phase. The client advisor must be present for the customer in order to give him all the keys to use the product or service that he bought you. Be his landmark! He must be able to call on you in case of a problem or doubt and you will see, it is very satisfying to resolve what is bothering him.

On the other hand, the sales advisor will have to handle customer complaints who are not satisfied, it can be tricky to deal with an angry or even aggressive customer (and yes, it does). You will therefore have to learn to identify, listen and understand your client in order to offer them the best solution and find common ground (see our article 5 tips for dealing with an angry customer).

In addition, on a technical level, the customer advisor must have good IT tools such as CRM, because it is essential to fill in all the exchanges you may have with your client to guarantee the knowledge and the quality of your common history. Your keyboards !

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