The best WordPress plugins to create your newsletters

The best WordPress plugins to create your newsletters

the newsletters are in any strategy of email advertising and they’re one of the best ways to stay in touch with prospects, as well as keep them informed of any news, offers, or promotions. While there are several tools with which it is possible to create newsletters, considering that there are many brands that use WordPress to design their website, we want to walk you through which are the best plugins you can use. .

The best WordPress plugins to create your newsletters

WordPress plugins: how does it work?

The plug-ins are programs, or some kind of extensions or add-ons, which can be installed in WordPress to add functionality. This type of program has become one of the best tools to improve user experience and extend functionality in a very easy way, because you just need to download and install it.

There are currently over 50,000 free plugins compatible with WordPress, which means that there are many plugins or features that can be added to this tool. It is precisely all these plugins that allow you to completely create and manage a web page.

Although there are many plugins that seem essential, before installing any of them, it is necessary to assess whether it is really necessary or not. The more plugins you have installed in WordPress, the more loading time increases, which can affect rankings and can also cause users to leave the site earlier.

Benefits of newsletters in WordPress

Nail bulletin serves to inform potential customers of news, offers, promotions or new content that may be of interest to them.

It is important do not abuse sending emailsUsers can unsubscribe if they are overwhelmed by so much information. However, if the strategy is executed correctly, here are the benefits:

Distribute your content

The newsletter is one of the best tools out there notify prospects that new content has been published. Although this is not the only channel, since social networks have also proven to be very useful for this, it is one of the most effective in reaching that audience that has expressed interest in receiving this information, since it has left its data for this purpose.

Drive more traffic to your page

New content, news, offers and promotions, as well as other information communicated through a newsletter, generates web traffic.

The more attractive the newsletter, and the information it contains, the more likely it is that the user will click and go to the web page. The more visits, the easier it is to rank in search engines and the easier it is to increase sales.

Direct communication with your subscribers

Being in contact with followers is necessary so that they do not forget the brand and one of the best ways to keep it going is through newsletters. However, emails should always be sent strategically, they should not be abused or users might unsubscribe because they feel too bombarded.

Get more subscribers for your blog

Letting users know what is posted on the blog can help generate more visits, as good as gain more followers if they share this post on their social networks.

The audience will not reach the web only for the products and services marketed, but also for the information disseminated, which must be original and of high quality.

Capture leads for your database

It is important to have a database of users who are genuinely interested in the brand and what it offers. This means that less is more. To develop this database, you can offer something in exchange for an email, such as a tutorial, an ebook, or any other downloadable that may be of interest.

Within this general database, newsletters make it possible to know much more about the centers of interest of the audience from the clicks they make, which will allow create other databases to segment.

Get sales for your ecommerce

Newsletters are a way to increase sales, because through them you can inform about new products, as well as about offers or promotions that encourage the user to buy.

This e-mail must be used to present the product in an attractive way, as well as its uses and all the information that can promote its acquisition.

The best plugins for creating newsletters

As you have seen, sending newsletters has many advantages for a business. WordPress authorizes its creation and delivery if one of these plugins is installed:

MailChimp for WordPress

MailChimp It is one of the most used plugins in WordPress for creating and sending newsletters because it allows you to create templates very quickly and easily. Besides designing the email, you can also automate the sending and see the impact it had. You can also create forms, as well as add subscription checkboxes, among others.

The program is free if used for lists of up to 2000 subscribers and allows basic segmentation. There is also a premium version for brands that need much more advanced segmentation and are emailing thousands of users.


Jackmail is another interesting plugin that allows newsletters to be made from the same WordPress panel, which is quite handy. In addition, creating and managing emails is very easy. It includes nearly fifty templates that can be used completely free of charge, it even allows modifications to be made to adapt them to the image of the company.

With the free plan, you can send up to 3,000 emails, manage contacts, and generate forms, among other basic actions. It also offers a premium plan for brands that need to send more emails and want a very detailed analysis of different campaigns.


Another WordPress plugin that can be used to design and send newsletters is OptinMonster. One of the strengths of this plugin is that it allows create pop-ups, widgets and a host of cool components. It also uses technology that tracks mouse behavior. So when it detects that the user is about to leave the page, it displays the form. This feature is what sets it apart from other plugins.


Icegram It is also a very interesting plugin, especially for brands that need to submit forms or want to add a call to action. Although this aspect is very interesting, Icegram is designed for creating forms, so an additional email marketing plugin must be installed. It might seem like a downside, but it isn’t if you are using the Email Subscriber and the Rainmaker, which complement each other very well.

Icegram has a free plan and a paid plan, the former being very comprehensive as it allows segmentation.

Thrive prospects

Thrive prospects, another email marketing plugin for WordPress, stands out with its segmentation features. Several templates are available, which can be personalized so that the email matches the brand’s image.

It has the SmartLinks function, from which it is possible to differentiate the visitors who are subscribed from those who are not. This means that different forms can be displayed depending on this.

Another interesting point about this program is that it is compatible with others, like MailChimp. It is also very intuitive and easy to use. It has a free version and a paid version.

WP Subscribe Pro

Finally, WP Subscribe Pro is another of the best WordPress compatible plugins for creating and sending newsletters.

It’s the most budget-friendly plugin, so it’s perfect for brands that are just starting out and want to run low cost email marketing campaigns without sacrificing quality.

Unlike the others, this one takes into account the SEO, which means that combined with an SEO plugin, web traffic could increase. It also offers neat and elegant designs, it even allows the use of shapes.

You now know that you can use WordPress in your email marketing campaigns because there are many plugins that add this functionality to the tool. Of course, remember that the best thing you can do is install only the plugins that you are really going to use, as too many of them could slow the web down. Although, considering the benefits that the use of newsletters brings to the brand, we consider this to be an essential plugin.

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