The best old-fashioned tactics you should adopt to grow your business

The best old-fashioned tactics you should adopt to grow your business

There are some ways of marketing that are no longer popular. The reason for this I do not know. I think there is an opportunity here for those who dare to be a bit old-fashioned.

What I’m going to tell you next is going to sound a little odd from a digital marketing blog. What you may have already noticed is that over the years the range of themes has widened. I even dedicated at least an entire article to each paragraph that follows. It was time to sum it up in a new reminder entry.

Send letters by mail

Do you know the opening rate of an ordinary mail addressed with a first name and a last name to a person? Me neither, honestly, but I think we agree that it’s going to be way over the 20-40% that a decent email marketing campaign receives. In case it’s important that your message gets to the recipient, a regular email can be much more effective than a simple email.

Send a fax

The window of opportunity for this channel closes. Fewer and fewer businesses still have a fax machine. Your customer profile may still have it. How many faxes do you think these businesses continue to receive per day? In that case, I couldn’t give you an exact answer either. Common sense tells us that they will be much less than emails in the inbox. It may even be surprising to see a fax come out of the machine again, which certainly attracts more attention than an e-mail.

Make cold calls

I saw this yesterday in a YouTube video. A person I am from the resale world explained to me that I got his best deals by picking up the phone, not just sending emails. In this it differed from its competitors who did not go further. Sometimes the difference between being successful and not can be nuances like this.

You will find that the main reason for doing oldschool marketing is to differentiate yourself from the competition. It will help you with a little bit of attention that others don’t get. Hopefully this is the one that makes the difference for a potential customer to decide for you and not your competition. I would at least take the risk of trying it.

Stay tuned.


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