The benefit of the direct-to-consumer supplement brand

The benefit of the direct-to-consumer supplement brand

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Direct-to-consumer supplement brands are bypassing retail stores and middlemen like Amazon. They sell direct to consumers online.

Allow the brand to increase its margins and control everything.

Including brand experience, visitor traffic and most importantly all marketing.

Some interesting digital-native direct-to-consumer dietary supplement brands for the dietary supplements we monitor include:

One of the advantages of digitally driven brands like these and others like them is a one-lens-only approach.

When each of these brands started, they were forced out of necessity to focus on one product.

Adopt the principle of this focus initiated, is part of what made them successful.

Concentration is the key.

But not just focus on one singular product.

Rather a series of ones.

A funnel strategy. (so you can s

A source of traffic. (so you can keep the attribution data super clean.)

A customer avatar. (so you can speak directly to a specific person.)

With just one product. (So ​​you can test different offers with the same product.)

Every brand of direct-to-consumer supplements starts somewhere

As marketers, we envy companies like Ritual vitamins.

We are amazed by the clean design of the packaging.

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