The Ba-ba to develop your clientele

Developing customer base is the major concern of entrepreneurs and if it could appear miraculously only upon hearing the name of the company or product, he dreams of it. But the reality is that the competition is fierce, that customers are often loyal to certain brands and don’t necessarily like change or taking risks. Finding new clients is not an easy task. Some tips to develop your clientele.

Define your target

This is the seller’s BAba. No need to start winning over new customers if you don’t have a clear idea of ​​who you are looking for… Draw up several robot portraits of typical customers who are likely to buy your product or service. Then detail their desires, their expectations, their habits and the places or sites where they will find information on the products: an essential survey so as not to get the wrong target and especially not to eliminate a target that could have developed your turnover! The example is that of gifts for children: the children themselves, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, the child’s friends …

Conquer your target

Once your target is defined, try to conquer it by communicating about the company and its offer. Advertising insert in the press, distribution of flyers, sending ofe-mailing… It’s up to you to define the ideal means of communication to reach your target. Customer behavior has changed since the first confinement, do not hesitate to look at the barometers and surveys which often reveal new trends and will give you relevant leads.

Expand your network

Are you looking for new clients? It may then be the time to get out of your confinement and meet new people who could introduce you to future clients. Where to go contact fishing? In business clubs, at local events or events linked to your sector of activity and today at café terraces …

Leverage your networks

You have scrupulously applied the previous advice! But all the work remains to be done! Because it is not enough to give your business card to win a new customer… So be proactive, quickly get back in touch with you and offer your services: the best way to get help from your network.

Communicate on social networks

Everyone says it, today brands must be present on social networks. Certainly, but you still have to know how to use them well! Create a Facebook page yes, but if you animate it regularly with information that may interest customers for example.

Encourage satisfied customers to testify

Because they are your best ambassadors. These customers will be able to launch a glowing word of mouth about your product which will spread quickly and reach potential customers already acquired thanks to this recommendation from a third party they trust. What could be better?

Become the expert the media are looking for

What will convince customers to come to you? To know that you are the best. And how do you get this idea across to them? By placing yourself as an expert in the field, by writing a specialized book, by posting advice-oriented articles on social networks or by intervening in the famous “expert forums” of magazines. A small dose of extra work for maximum effect.

Create a powerful website

Today most consumers start by browsing the Internet before deciding on their purchases. So focus your efforts on achieving a efficient website. It must be clear, precise and well organized. Also pay attention to the style: an “old” site will not boost the buying impulse and especially a website whose navigation is too slow, will make it flee in one click!

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