The advantages of Prestashop multi-store web development

The advantages of Prestashop multi-store web development

The advantages of Prestashop multi-store web development

Not all of our customers need Prestashop multi-store web development, because it only recommends its implementation for companies that need to manage multiple online stores from the same panel. The Multistore Prestashop You can manage e-commerce stores that are independent or that share certain characteristics. Not all ecommerce CMS platforms can support multi-store. Prestashop is one of the best examples to enable this feature.

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What are the characteristics of multi-store e-commerce development?

Online stores managed from the same Prestashop admin panel share the following characteristics:

  • Categories.
  • Brands.
  • Product Pages.

The advantage of this functionality is that it is not necessary to work twice on the product catalog, but rather that they can be created in a common way and add their singularities according to the online store that we manage. In addition, users do not have to notice that the two online stores share the same Web development.

Are Prestashop multistores exactly the same?

This is not necessary, since the company of Web design works on the differences, which are:

Which companies do we recommend Prestashop multi-store web design to?

We recommend that you activate the option of Multistore Prestashop for companies that sell their products through various online stores, or for retail businesses that need to diversify their sector or position themselves with different audiences. However, there are also cases in which it is not necessary to activate the multi-store in the Prestashop Web Design although the company has several online stores.

Some of the key questions for recognizing whether the multi-store development son:

  • Are multiple currencies used in e-commerce payments?
  • Is a different look required for the interface of each online store?
  • Are the prices different in each of the Prestashop online stores?
  • Is it necessary for the customer’s purchase history and invoices to be linked to one of the specific stores?

The qualities of Prestashop web design with multistore

  1. Simplification of e-commerce management.

By sharing the same admin panel, working times in both online stores at the same time are drastically reduced.

  1. Customization of the design of the Prestashop online store.

The implementation of Multistore Prestashop allows you to customize the look of each website. Some administration settings can also be customized.

  1. Easy access to the stock of products in the online store.

At any time, you can access the inventories of online stores to manage them separately.

  1. Differentiation of roles in the Prestashop multistore.

It is possible to specify different permissions for each user, therefore, the same user can access one Prestashop online store and not another. Roles can be established based on the user’s position in the company.

  1. Reduced price of web hosting.

You just need to install a CMS of Prestashop online store and a database, which reduces the hiring budget SSD web hosting.

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