the 6 best tools for creating infographics

the 6 best tools for creating infographics

the infographics They are very useful for giving information quickly and easily through visual elements. For this reason, they have become an essential part of the content marketing. However, creating this type of material can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools.

We explain what you can use to create infographics and what you need to consider when creating them.

Content Marketing: The Best Tools for Creating Infographics

Key points for a good infographic

Thanks to a infographics the audience can remember a message very easily, which is why it has become a key part of content marketing. However, for this to be truly effective, a number of key points need to be taken into account.

Concise and well-structured content

The infographic has a clearly communicative purpose, so everything information must be sorted and be structured in a coherent way. In addition, Ideally, the message should be direct and concise, because if it is recharged too much, it will be much more difficult for the reader to retain the information.

Use of branding

Infographics are recommended to use colors, typography, and corporate design. This is essential for improving the identity of the brand. When all the content is the same style, the audience associates a color, typeface, or drawing style with the business.

SEO metadata optimization

All content should be SEO optimized, including infographics. Thus, these should not slow down the loading of the web or the blog. Additionally, the title and description should not contain accents, commas, parentheses, or other special elements, but should contain the keyword.

When all the content of a message is SEO optimized it is much easier to rank in search engines like Google. By this we mean that everything that is part of a post should be covered in detail.

Adapt the format to each platform

In the event that the same infographic needs to be published on different platforms, it is important to make sure that it fits the format and that it is not cut and that information is lost.

Each social network has its own format, so if you want to publish it in several, it is important to verify that it is correctly seen in each of them. If the infographic is to be published in a blog post or on a web page, this will also need to be adapted.

Includes visual elements

Visuals are essential in an infographicbecause they help the reader to retain information much more easily. You can use icons, maps, photographs, drawings … Any visual element that does not overload and add value to the content can be used.

It is as important not to overuse the text as it is the visual elements. In other words, it should not be reloaded from one thing or another.

Bet on interactive content

There are many benefits to adding interactive content to an infographic, because it prompts the user to perform certain actions and, as a result, generates a greater commitment. Unfortunately, this type of content doesn’t work in all infographics, so it should be researched first if it actually adds or subtracts value from the content.

The interactive content should be related to the topic of the infographic and should not overwhelm it.

Best online tools for creating infographics

Infographics take time and work, but there are tools that can make it easier to create. In addition, the result is generally very good.

1) Canva

Can go is a very intuitive and simplified graphic design tool, so its use does not require prior knowledge. It allows you to create custom designs and use templates. In addition to infographics, with Canva you can create images for social networks, which adapt perfectly to the format of each of them.

Content marketing: the best tools for creating infographics - Canva

2) Piktochart

Piktochart is an application that allows you to create infographics without needing to have graphic design knowledge. It has a lot of templates, so creating this type of content is very simple, but most importantly, it can be changed. In other words, corporate colors and fonts can be used without any problems.

Content Marketing: The Best Tools for Creating Infographics - Picktochart

3) Brilliantly

Another great tool for creating infographics is cordially. It allows you to create presentations, folders, interactive images and, of course, infographics. It is not necessary to have any programming or graphic design knowledge, as it is a very intuitive platform. Some large companies like Unilever, McDonalds or Telefónica have used this program.

Content marketing: the best tools for creating infographics - Genially

4) Powtoon

The name of Powtoon It was born from the fusion of PowerPoint and the word cartoon, since it is a tool designed for creating animated presentations and videos. So, it is one of the best programs for creating videos with infographics. All material can be created with imported images, music or voices.

Content Marketing: 2 Best Tools for Creating Infographics - Powtoon

5) flourish

to bloom It is a free platform, although it does have a premium paid version. It is one of the most complete tools, because it allows you to create everything: graphs, tables, maps, interactive infographics … All with high quality results. Some internationally famous brands have used this program, such as Shopify, Disney, Google or Revolut.

Content Marketing: The Best Tools for Creating Infographics - Flourish

6) Datawrapper

Finally, another tool that can be used to create infographics and other content is Datawrapper. Unlike the rest, this program is specially designed for creating tables and maps, but it also allows you to create infographics quickly and easily.

Content Marketing: 4 Best Tools for Creating Infographics - Datawrapper

As you may have seen, infographics are very useful for giving information in a visual, clear and direct way. However, the details need to be taken into account. Very crowded ones, for example, usually don’t work, as well as those that don’t fit the format of the page it was posted on. If you want your infographic to be a success, just follow our tips.

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