The 5 tech giants have grown out of proportion during the pandemic

The 5 tech giants have grown out of proportion during the pandemic

Even if the pandemic had never happened, the weight of the tech industry would likely have increased over the past year, generally as it has for years.

But the economic effects of Covid-19 they have literally catapulted the titans of tech to heights few could have imagined possible a year ago.

The quarterly results of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Google have amply demonstrated this.

Each of these companies, formerly pre-pandemic giants, have experienced record revenue growth in recent years.

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Income from Apple jumped 54%, at the highest level ever reached in the first three months of the year.

Amazon has had record revenues for four consecutive quarters – a period in which its total revenues exceeded those of the previous three years combined.
More than a year after the pandemic, the digital adoption curves are not slowing down. They are accelerating“he said Satya nadella, CEO of Microsoft, whose revenues grew 19% in the last quarter.

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The stock market gives an idea of ​​the size of these companies during this extraordinary time: the combined stock market value of the five Big Tech companies is now over $ 8 trillion, representing almost a quarter of the total value of companies in the Standard and mediocre 500 and almost double the percentage from five years ago.

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Here’s a look at the Big Five, based on the numbers.


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From January to March, Apple sold $ 47 billion worth of iPhones.

66% growth compared to the previous year, thanks to new models with next-generation 5G technology.

Consumers spent more on premium iPhones, and the average US retail price rose from $ 52 to $ 847, according to data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners LLC.


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft’s collaboration tool, The teams, now 145 million daily active users.

Almost double the figure of a year ago and up from around 20 million in November 2019. Satya Nadella said the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of a number of digital tools, benefiting from its operations ranging from software business to cloud computing., Video games.



The e-commerce giant can now count on 950,000 employees in the United States alone, up from 500,000 about a year ago.

The company set out at a rapid pace to meet the pandemic-induced demand for essential goods and to shorten lead times. Amazon is now the country’s second-largest non-government employer after Walmart Inc. and last week announced plans to fill tens of thousands of positions across the country.



Alphabet’s advertising revenue rose 49% in the last quarter for YouTube, Google’s video channel.

YouTube became the country’s entertainment hub for a year at home, attracting so many viewers that its ad sales reached $ 6 billion in the quarter, down 16% from what it generated by Netflix for the same period.

Google has “made more money” from brands with new ad formats that allow direct purchases on YouTube during ads.


Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or WhatsApp have been used at least once by 3.45 billion people in the past month.

An increase of almost a sixth from the 2.99 billion the previous year. People stranded at home spent more time online searching for information and interacting; as a result, the company’s seemingly ubiquitous reach grew even further.

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