The 4 pillars of a winning Amazon marketing strategy.

Several research studies that study and analyze user behavior on Amazon tell us that 60% of online shoppers start to search for products on Amazon and their behavior is totally different from that of shoppers on other platforms or in stores. traditional.

Amazon has in its DNA a propensity to put the user at the center. It does this both directly and directly. In fact, it allows you to simply create storefronts and quickly compare products in a completely natural way. A brand must ensure that it positions its products in such a way as to show the competitive advantage in the market.

To be successful on this platform, you need a strong Amazon-specific marketing strategy. These tactics should fit into a company’s traditional overall strategic plan and encompass all of the different variables and factors that carry the most weight on Amazon.

Two things to always remember… Amazon’s algorithms change frequently and the customer base is constantly expanding.


In 2018, Amazon surpassed $ 10 billion in ad revenue to become the third largest ad platform … behind Google and Facebook. Advertising is an extremely profitable and powerful channel that is growing faster than even net sales.

Amazon continues to invest in its advertising business, which is growing rapidly with a 95% year-over-year increase, according to recent earnings reports.

If Amazon’s ads continue to generate strong competition on the platform, the keystone is when we manage to convert users who visit a listing into buyers, aware that there will be other products advertised as well. on the same page.

Amazon Advertising works as long as you know how to use it. Otherwise, it may require a lot of investment with a low return … both in terms of ROI and ROAS. A common mistake is to use Google’s line items on Amazon, ignoring the substantial difference.

Brands must therefore focus on people who are specifically looking for their products, aware of the fact that competitors will be displayed in the same lists through their strategic advertising.

Another possible mistake, which is quite common, is to rely on automatic campaigns. For starters, Amazon has its own automatic algorithm that helps find new terms and determines the right deals. This is great to start with because it allows you to start familiarizing yourself with the platform and have data available.

However, the best solution is to use a combination of manual and automatic auctions for a given product portfolio. Relying solely on automatic auctions potentially means missing out on some important terms and handy keywords.

Experts predict that Amazon will continue to give sellers more options to advertise and build more personalized lists, thanks to new AI and machine learning solutions. A piece of advice is therefore to always test new technologies so as not to miss any opportunities that may arise.


Advertising is only part of a complete marketing strategy. Ads are a great way to generate traffic, but traffic is only good if it can be converted into sales.

On a product page, brands need to make sure they answer questions a consumer asks when purchasing something. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. What problem is the buyer trying to solve? What could cause hesitation? Brands can overcome buyers’ objections, but only by using images, effective and comprehensive content, combined with top-notch branding.

This is why marketers need to make sure that paid advertising, SEO, photography, and various other factors work in unison in a structured overall strategy. Driving more traffic works best if you have a higher close rate, so it’s essential that a Bran has a comprehensive action plan that includes all of these factors. This will make it easier for the customer to choose your product than that of a competitor.

One way to improve an existing product page today is to make sure it answers this question: What does the whole product look like to the consumer? One page should provide clear measurements and an idea of ​​the scale in the product photograph by comparing it to a person’s height or the interior of a room.

Too, if a product has a key differentiator of a competing product, must be present and clearly visible. Does the product photograph show the features that customers are looking for? Is there a good mix of lifestyle and photography with a white or slightly gray background?


When considering product development in the future, forward-thinking brands analyze research data from Amazon. This data is useful not only for the daily sale of products on Amazon, but also for designing new solutions and better understanding what may be offered in the future.

For example, one company found that one of its requests related to product coloring. Users were looking for this particular product but with the colors of the flags of the country of origin. This solution had not yet been implemented by anyone, and the company launched a series of products inspired by the flag, which was extremely successful.

Take a look at the themes, details, colors, and features of a product that shoppers are constantly looking for but can’t find, and create an item – a focused, well-structured page to meet demand.


When you need to get started on Amazon you need to create a winning strategy, and as simple as your business is, you need skills that you probably don’t have on your staff. The job can become much more complex and costly in terms of effort than you might expect at first. Just think about the constant SEO optimization that some products need so that they don’t get overtaken by the competition. A good partner can really help you.

When choosing a marketing consultant for Amazon, a business, or a third-party team, it’s important to understand what they can help you with. Photography? SEO optimization? Publicity? report? data analysis?

A good marketing consultant will relieve you of all the burdens of good communication and constant measurement of results.

Amazon’s algorithms, tools and practices are constantly evolving. One of the most valuable benefits of working with a trusted consultant is that, by nature and interest, they are obligated to keep abreast of new technologies.

An expert is able to face new trends proactively, constantly working on monthly increases, and sudden changes.

Often times, companies are able to communicate what makes a product different or special on a billboard, brochure, on their website, and even on TV, but Amazon optimization is another thing entirely.

A solid strategy and continuous supervision will allow you to get the most out of it in the short, medium and long term, especially when the algorithms become smarter and more dedicated.

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