The 2021 Marketing Calendar has arrived: discover the new format

The 2021 Marketing Calendar has arrived: discover the new format

If there’s anything that 2020 has taught us, it’s the need to be flexible and adaptable to changeseven the most radical and unpredictable. For this reason, we have designed this year a Marketing calendar that moves to the rhythm of events, in order to deliver up-to-date, quality content.

This year our traditional calendar has gone from a downloadable format to a dynamic and living resource. Yes therefore, we hope it will be more user-friendly.

In addition, in this edition, we integrate the user suggestions to transform the 2021 marketing calendar into a collaborative resource of interest to all of Latin America and Spain.

banner marketing calendar

Why a marketing calendar?

At Doppler, we believe that the success of any strategy lies in the Planning: as much as possible, anticipating what will happen allows us to face it with clearer ideas and goals.

It’s our way of working, and for many years we have helped others adopt it, among other resources with a Marketing calendar It contains different dates or celebrations of interest and practical advice on how to profit from them in terms of marketing and sales.

We believe that it is useful and necessary to implement a calendar of this style because:

  • It allows you to have all the relevant dates in one place.
  • It contains important information for many companies and industries.
  • It is essential for the purposes of planning actions, marketing campaigns, publications and any other initiative with commercial objectives.
  • It is the basis of Seasonal marketing, which consists of taking certain dates as “excuses” to boost sales through Marketing.

It is true that in planning it is also necessary to “leave a window open” on the plain and simple. reality, to the changes in consumption patterns and audience preferences. And what better example at this point than COVID-19, which disrupted the plans of absolutely all of humanity last year. As popular wisdom says, “Sometimes the plan is there is no plan.”

It is therefore a question of planning with an eye on the real time and with sufficient reaction capacity to readjust to any event. Therefore, our Marketing calendar you needed a mix of both, and that’s the result!

A calendar in web format

If the premise of this year was possibility to update the content As much as needed, we had to design our 2021 marketing calendar in a format that allowed it.

After researching with our team, we determined that making a Website this was the best option: the hardware would be one click away from any user and would be updated as many times as needed.

To help users identify the nearest relevant date at a glance, we’ve included a dynamic banner with this information.

And like every year, in addition to the highlighted dates for each month, we’re adding #DopplerTips and additional content on different strategies for each.

Here’s a little spoiler for what the timeline looks like 🙂

2021 marketing calendar

For the first time, we are including a form so that they can suggest other relevant dates per country. We are committed to analyzing whether we should add them to our marketing calendar. We look forward to your comments!

marketing calendar suggestion form

Bonus track: Extension for synchronizing Google Chrome + with your calendar

Did anyone say flexible format? We take this very seriously. This is why our 2021 marketing calendar can also downloaded from the Google Chrome Web Store and viewed from the browser, without having to access the website.

Do you want to download it? For that you will have to go to the calendar 😉 But we plan how you will see it in your browser:

2021 calendar extension

Finally, the highlighted dates can be synced with your own Gmail or Outlook calendar, so as soon as you start the day, you have them in mind and you can plan based on them. Isn’t that cool?

synchronized marketing calendar

Make 2021 a year full of growth opportunities with your business

Now yes, you are ready to see it with your own eyes. We invite you to discover our 2021 Marketing Calendar and come see it again and again throughout the year to create the most effective campaigns.

For our part, we promise to keep working to bring you up-to-date and useful content in formats that suit your needs.

Happy New Year 2021 in your company!

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