The 14 best design tools for your Social Networks

The 14 best design tools for your Social Networks

Design tools… Why should you use them? Hundreds of millions of images are shared on social networks every day, the funny thing is that only few of them manage to stop you and get your attention. What do these images have in common? They are of good quality, visually appealing, and easy to share.

Creating a captivating image gallery doesn’t have to be difficult and expensive. Here are 14 tools you can use to create beautiful images that are easy to share on social media.

The 14 best design tools for your social networks

Design tools (Full service for creating images)

1) Canva
When it comes to social media marketing, the most important thing Canva offers is its simplicity. With this application you can create striking images just by placing and moving certain elements around.

You do not have experience designing? No problem! Use high-quality text or photos or produce something from scratch. It’s free to get started, but you can also access more tools and services with Canva’s regular and business offerings.

2) BeFunky

Just like Canva, BeFunky is a sure stop for creating graphics and collages. You can choose layouts based on their function, such as social headlines, blogging tools, and small business templates. The friendly interface of this editor makes content customization quick and easy, not to mention beautiful. BeFunky offers 125 free digital effects, or you can pay a monthly fee to access better resolution, premium effects, and different design models.

Design tools

3) Creative Market

For those who are more interested in the world of design, Creative Market has a massive catalog of ready-to-use fonts, tempered models, mockups, and a warehouse of photos created by great talents. And if your creativity is not flowing, check Made with Creative Market, It is a source of infinite inspiration!

Not sure how to start? Creative Market gives away six free products each week to start a collection of tools.

social media image EN: Creative Market is a Design Tools for your personal branding

Image Bank

4) Adobe Stock

Not only does Adobe Stock have more than 90 million high-quality creative tools that you can use in your social campaigns, you can also license directly from the hootsuite dashboard. This means that once you have found the perfect image, you can download it, include it in your posts and share it on all your social networks. The best? You can do it all from the same place!

ES: Adobe Stock is a Design Tools and an Image Bank

Date display

5) Infogram

Including data in your posts is an effective way to attract your audience and build credibility. The only detail is that it has to look pretty.

Data visualization can be a difficult business, but Infogram makes reviewing data and information easy. Whether it’s creating a simple chart or a complex infographic, at Infogram you’ll find a multitude of options and layouts to choose from.

It’s free to get started, but Infogram also offers a wide range of monthly plans that include additional tools and services.

Design TOOLS and personal branding


Creating an infographic from scratch doesn’t have to be a rigorous task. If you dare, you can do it yourself using You can choose from many ready-to-use models or create your own. The most valuable thing about this tool is the “drag and drop” interface and how easy it is to include your own data. offers two types of plans, free and pro.

Photo Editors for your social networks

7) Hootsuite Enhance

Try to remember optimal image sizes for each social network it is, to be honest, very annoying. Use Hootsuite Enhance, our free photo editing app, to ensure your images are cut to the correct size for each social network.

You can make your images even more exciting by adding filters, borders, stickers, texts or watermarks with your company logo. And if you no longer have new ideas or images to post, you can find a selection of free photos for commercial use.

Share Enhance images directly to the social networks of your choice, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Or you can also schedule them to be used in the Hootsuite mobile app.

Change the size of your images on each social network with Enhance the design tool

8) Adobe Creative Tools for Hootsuite

Adobe Creative Tools offer an easy way to edit and enhance images right from the Hootsuite dashboard. Whether you want to adjust the brightness in a photo for an event or add some fun text to a product photo, using Adobe tools can help you create perfect images that you can add directly to your social media posts.

Photo Overlays

9) Over

This application is much better known for being a tool that helps to add texts to images, but the truth is that Over, it can do much more than that.

Over allows you to mix, sample colors, add image overlays, and also offers eye-catching finished artwork. Thanks to its integration with Unsplash, a page with a free-to-use photo gallery, Over is a powerful creative tool.

10) Phonto

Phonto, is an application that allows you to add creative texts to images, it is a dream marketing tool: you can import images, add and design texts and share everything. Of course, the real art is selecting the correct font and using it flawlessly in your design.

The best part? Using Phonto doesn’t cost a penny.

Visual Appointments

11) Recite

Sharing quotes is an effective method to encourage participation in social networks, and Recite offers a free and easy solution for this to happen. You just have to write your quote in the text box and choose from the large number of models offered by the website. Then click on “Create” and voila!

You can download the image or simply share it directly on one of your social networks.


12) Skitch

Skitch is an Evernote product that provides all the necessary tools to add visual comments to any image. Use arrows, texts, stickers and a handful of other tools to communicate your message in a screenshot or in any other image of your choice.


13) Placeit

Mockups galore! Sometimes you just need an image of your web page or application and taking a screenshot doesn’t do the trick. Placeit offers a wide variety of mockups to display the image of your choice. Place it right on the model of your choice and voila! Download it in low resolution for free or buy it in a better quality.

ES: Adobe Stock is a Design Tools and an Image Bank


14) CloudApp

Trying to explain a technical problem over the phone or email can be quite frustrating. Instead of having to go through this, use the CloudApp to take screenshots, videos or even GIFs, and then share them with your clients on your social networks.

With these tips, you can quickly resolve your issues while bringing your product (s) to life through eye-catching graphics. And the best part is that you can start capturing, recording and downloading for free!

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