Surprising Twitter Statistics in Post-Trump America [2021 Research]

Twitter Statistics (2021)One of the original social networks, we found Twitter to be the most misunderstood often.

Recent studies of Edison Research paint a fascinating picture of Twitter and its role in America’s social media ecosystem. We’re used to being educated by the Infinite Dial Annual Report (see our recap article: Social media usage statistics 2021), and Edison took that to a new level with a special look at Twitter before and after Trump to identify how influential Twitter has been on the collective American psyche.

Here are some shocking statistics on post-Trump Twitter that I hadn’t anticipated.

More people are using Twitter

Twitter users returned to the platform immediately after Trump. A little background: On January 8, 2021, Twitter banned then President Donald Trump from the platform. After the ban, daily use of Twitter increased by five points, to 29% after the ban by social media users aged 18 and over.

Using Twitter Before and After Trump - Bar Chart

After Twitter banned Trump, daily use of Twitter increased by five points, to 29% after the ban by social media users aged 18 and over.

While the number of politically liberal users increased by 24%, there was also an increase among politically conservative social media users, from 18% to 21% after the ban.

liberal and conservative Twitter usage statistics - bar chart

Americans agree social media spreads misinformation

Americans on both sides of the political spectrum are skeptical of social media sites and the fake news that can spill across platforms. Twitter on indexes as untrustworthy by political conservatives, although 42% of politically liberal social media users do not trust news and information seen on Twitter.

The majority of Liberals and Conservatives agree that social media spreads misinformation and conspiracies. Who is to blame? Well, almost 70% on both sides of the aisle agree that social media companies should be held accountable for the type of content they promote.

social media disinformation opinion research

Liberals and Conservatives agree: there is too much misinformation being shared socially.

Twitter fears converting consciousness into use

Even though Twitter is known by 88% of Americans, only 23% of Americans aged 12 and over use Twitter. So about one in four Americans who know about Twitter actually use Twitter.

Knowledge of Twitter in 2021

88% of Americans know Twitter.

Compare this ratio to Facebook, where 93% have heard of it and 61% have a profile. Even so, Twitter use is up from 19% of Americans just two years ago. Twitter usage in 2021 matches TikTok usage in 2021 and has more U.S. social media users than LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Talk.

Kids think Twitter is good

Young Americans, aged 12 to 34, are the most frequent users of Twitter. More than a third of U.S. social media users are on Twitter, up from 29% in the past two years. Compare that to just 10% of Americans over the age of 55, who spend the majority of their social media time on Facebook.

For younger people, Twitter is at the bottom of the list of the most used social media sites, behind Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok.

Moms tweet, too

Moms made a big shift to Twitter in 2021. In fact, Edison’s Moms and Media Report identified a 50% increase from 2020 among moms who reported using Twitter like never before.

For social platforms, Twitter barely overtakes TikTok among moms, although Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram capture mom’s attention the most on social media. Now that moms are spending over 4 hours a day using the internet, there’s plenty of time to shop around!

What surprises you most about Twitter in America?

This article was originally written by Jay Baer in 2010 and updated with new research from Lauren Teague in 2021.

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