“Succeeding in your content strategy”: a new edition reinforced in storytelling!

“Succeeding in your content strategy”: a new edition reinforced in storytelling!

Proud to present our new baby co-written with Alexandra Martin : 436 pages devoted to content strategy, published by Editions Eyrolles! Among the new features of this V2, you will find practical sheets, a reinforced chapter on narrative strategy and the power of storytelling, as well as a new section on digital sobriety. Hope you enjoy browsing this new lovingly revised, updated and rewritten version while in lockdown!

Succeed in your content strategy
by Eve Demange and Alexandra Martin

For you, here is an excerpt from the book, with the introduction of chapter 4 “Embody your identity in your content”:

“At this point in your reading you have (in order):
• carefully studied your hearing;
• imagined a promising editorial ecosystem for your activity;
• builds the architecture of your site using semantic analysis;
• identified the topics to be developed to improve your visibility in SEO.

All this preliminary reflection allows you to imagine an efficient, ergonomic editorial system, designed to answer your users’ questions, and therefore capable of positioning itself naturally on the search engines. Here is your content strategy already well launched!

But you still lack an essential dimension, namely your identity, your history, the imprint you will leave in the hearts and minds of your audiences. In other words, that little extra soul that will make the difference when Internet users have to choose between you and your competitors.

Who are you ? For the most part, we prefer to turn to someone who looks like us, a person, a company, an institution who understands us and who speaks the same language as us. If you know how to express your identity, you will be able to create an authentic relationship with your Internet users and your customers. And the link
of confidence that you will have woven will be solid, lasting.

How does it all work on the web? Well, (almost) like in real life! Your website is an interactive tool that allows your Internet users to find what they need: information, advice, a service, a product. But your online business is also a medium, a source of information. So, every time you publish an article, a photo, a video, a product sheet, you say who you are, you build a speech that is all your own. Over time, your posts will express your identity. Your image will take shape, deepen, grow richer. Your positioning will be anchored in the head, and above all, in the hearts of your Internet users.

We regularly observe a lack of strategic reflection on the identity of the company, its vision and its positioning. Is it due to the youth of a sector in perpetual invention? To the lack of maturity of a still young media on which commerce and information merge in a disorderly frenzy? In short, it is not uncommon to observe a total absence of editorial management in e-commerce or on institutional sites, even among major French players.

In this chapter, we provide you with a proven methodology to help you define your identity, as well as examples to inspire you. The objective here is to help you build a strong and coherent identity in the minds of your Internet users thanks to a harmonious narrative strategy and a controlled editorial line. “

Enjoy your reading and do not hesitate to come and write your review on this blog or on the booksellers’ websites 🙂

Illustration (C) Nadine Coquelin

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