Stream It – Tune In To Watch: MARKETERs Reaction 2021

Stream It – Tune In To Watch: MARKETERs Reaction 2021

Stream it – Login to watch, is the name of the second event of the year MARKETERS Club Torino to be held in an online version Thursday 08 April 2021 on the webinar platform and live on the YouTube channel.

MARKETERs Club is a nationally recognized student association and community, which brings together enthusiasts of marketing, communication and business in general.

The day will focus on world of social and streaming platforms, will therefore be speakers of the event all these business professionals who are revolutionizing the world ofentertainment and communication.

The intention is to get to know those who work in a reality usable by everyone in everyday life, but whose dynamics, roles and professionalism are often unrecognized, which then makes it accessible to end users.

We will cover several topics: strategy marketing and communication adopted by the various companies, potential e limits streaming and social platforms, personal experiences of some industry professionals and much more.

The speakers already confirmed come from the world of reputable platforms:

Luigi Tabasso, with a past also in Google and Facebook, he is now Senior Partner Manager of the Italian branch of Pinterest, opened by itself in 2019.

Ilaria Contrastini, Direct to Consumer Senior Manager of Discovery Inc where she was at the forefront of the launch of the OTT platform Discovery +.

The event will start around 9.15am and, during guest speeches, participants will have the opportunity to actively participate with the opportunity to ask questions via the Club’s social networks.

Registrations are open at this link.

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