Strategies for quickly driving web traffic to a blog

Strategies for quickly driving web traffic to a blog

Anyone who has a blog wants it to be a success: get hundreds of hits every day, be invited to events, get new customers, have big companies call you at work, brands want to advertise on it. . But it’s not easy. To achieve this, it is necessary that thousands of users visit your blog every day. In this article, I will outline some recommendations to increase your blog traffic.

As in any means of communication, the success of a blog is measured in terms of audience. The more visits you have, the more successful you are, and therefore the better. And if these visits end up generating economic benefits, so much the better.

In order to make money with a blog You must first attract qualified traffic. Let’s see how.

How to increase traffic to a blog?

Traffic via search engines

For this, we must optimize our blog according to the parameters SEO. Let’s try to appear first for search terms related to our site. In the article “How to optimize an article for SEOI explain in more detail.

Traffic from other websites

Getting other portals to refer us to and drive traffic to our blog is known as link building. It is a technique that will also help us improve our SEO positioning. A good formula for doing this is to post valuable content on other blogs on the same topic as a guest author or guest blogging.

Improve users’ browsing experience

Improve the web usability especially since the average duration of each visit is longer. The goal is that once the user is on our blog, he can find other articles that interest him in different ways: related articles, latest entries, most read, internal search engines …

Generate discussions in forums on the subject of our posts

The professional social network LinkedInAmong its various functions, it allows us to participate in discussion groups. In them we can open debates related to the topic of our article and indicate that we also expose our point of view on our blog.

Added social media plugins.

This allows users to share the articles on social networks.

Creation of the blog’s social profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter …

In these networks, in addition to linking our articles, we may share articles from other blogs that interest us.

Viralization of publications on Twitter

Share posts on Twitter and tagging them with a hashtag, in Facebook groups or other blogs and by participating in forums. But beware! Be careful, you might qualify as SPAM.

Create compelling headlines that generate interest

But yes, try to make the post meet the expectations created. Nothing to encourage bait.

Take advantage of the Trend Tropics or the news

For example, if it is community manager day and this day is TT #Community Manager, take advantage and share the post we wrote in its time explaining what it’s a community manager. Of course, this is not about trying to put our message in a TT. Once again, we would be on the verge of SPAM.

Create valuable content. The most important point!

Although this is the last point, it is undoubtedly the most important. Content is king on a blog. Never copy or paste other people’s content, Google and your potential readers will penalize you.

Create a subscription list to send emails

With messaging tools like Mailiter You can create subscription lists so that anyone who wants to subscribe to your blog and later receive periodic mailings with your latest article.

Campaign planning on Google Ads or Facebook Ads

Allocate a budget item to Google Ads and Facebook to promote the articles that you find the most interesting to promote according to their objective: generating leads, selling services, etc.

These are just 12 ideas that will help us increase our blog traffic but you surely know more. In your opinion, what other formulas help to get more visits? What do you usually do to attract more visitors? Tell us!

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