Star product: YouTube plans for companies

Star product: YouTube plans for companies

Star product: YouTube plans for companies

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¡Success assured with advertising on YouTube for companies!

The Youtube marketing is one of the most shocking actions in digital marketing campaigns of the last times. The advertising on Youtube guarantees a great impact, since according to different studies, users spend an average of 5 hours watching videos on YouTube. It is tempting to put our Ads on Youtube, truth?

There are different formats to perform Youtube campaigns, a platform that will help us convey our proposals in a very attractive and impressive way, everything will depend on the creativity of the published video and the campaign settings.

Do you know why YouTube Marketing is effective for your company?

The Youtube ads they are a visual showcase to reach thousands of people around the world, through any device. Reaching the target audience is easy, since the advertising on Youtube can be easily segmented, having the infrastructure of Google Adwords. Youtube for companies It is a very special technique to present any type of product or service. Know some of its great advantages!

  • Attraction potential customers who are used to audiovisual techniques, so a promotional video as a ad on Youtube It will be enjoyable for them, although of course, it must be very attractive from the beginning to hook the audience.
  • The Youtube campaigns they are cheap regarding its impact, since in the event that a Youtube ad has been skipped before 30 seconds, the viewing will not be charged for the audience.
  • As we mentioned, YouTube uses techniques of segmentation very interesting, since it will allow us to address only the audiences that coincide with the target audience of our Youtube strategy.
  • The fact that YouTube is a Google service allows a perfect link with Google Analytics, which will provide a very interesting Web Analytics.
  • Videos are ideal content for any social media marketing strategy, since they are very attractive to audiences for their dynamism. The virality of Youtube videos is known to everyone.

Advertising plans adapted to the needs of your campaign

Our online marketing agency offers you different management plans Youtube campaigns, depending on your needs you may be interested in the SEO positioning of your videos already uploaded to the social network, or create and manage Youtube campaigns.

Plan Redes Sociales: Set Up Youtube

The plan Set Up Youtube is intended to create from 0 advertising campaigns on Youtube, including account creation and basic custom settings for your company. We will create your channel and link it to other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

This social media plan is highly recommended for marketing campaigns. SEO positioning, as we create up to 5 optimized lists and perform an initial load of up to 5 optimized videos for the positioning in Google. In this sense, we work titles and descriptions according to the relevant keywords for the client’s business.

Plan Redes Sociales: Set Up Youtube Ads

The Set Up Youtube Ads manages the campaigns through the paid advertising platform Google Adwords. In the event that our clients do not have an account for this service, we create it, configuring their company channel to be able to view the videos from there. We will link the YouTube channel with other networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

This plan, like the Set Up Youtube It is highly recommended for campaigns of SEO positioning, because we optimize up to 5 lists and 5 videos. As a service focused on SEM positioning is a really powerful weapon, since the Google Adwords settings allow you to work keywords Y segment audiences by interests, topics, location, age, gender… We create up to two optimized campaigns with a maximum of two ads. We choose the most profitable bidding strategies and measure the results through Google Analytics to determine their success.

Social Media Plan: Monthly Youtube Ads Management

Once a Youtube campaign, Thanks to the Monthly Youtube Ads Management, we carry out a daily monitoring of its operation, according to the objectives and KPIs marked on the online marketing strategy. We optimize up to two monthly campaigns with the corresponding typology, chosen according to the strategy followed:

  • TrueView Ads:
    • Anuncios TrueView In-stream: Ads are shown at least 5 seconds before the video that the audience has selected is played.
    • Anuncios TrueView Discovery: They are published on the main page of YouTube or when Internet users search within the social network.
  • Bumper Ads: These are short videos ideal for viewing on smartphones.

Every month, we deliver to our clients a report of results that will be oriented to the measurement of objectives set in the strategy of Youtube for companies.

Dare to let yourself be seen on YouTube for companies!

Advertising on YouTube will make you successful

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