Stand out when the web is overflowing with content

Stand out when the web is overflowing with content

To stand out on the web at a time when it is overflowing with content, bet on a coherent and harmonious digital marketing ecosystem, show yourself to be authentic and create a strong emotional bond with your community for lasting and fulfilling relationships. Thanks to your marketing strategy, your humanity and your personal branding, your client will not only be able to find you easily, but it will be easy for them to recognize if your respective values ​​correspond.

In the era of the link,authenticity, vulnerability, it is no longer sufficient for a brand to simply show itself, to be visible.

Why? Because simply, there is too much to filter for the average person who scroll its social networks. So much so that the human eye has become accustomed to filtering the contents. The eye knows how to recognize advertising and / or institutional content versus content that provides it with value.

And who says value, says value for your subscriber, for the human being in your network. Which is very very often very different from the content that you think will bring value to your network.

Unless you know your ideal clients, customers at heart and give them what they need, the way they want. Besides, in the club!, you receive tools, practical advice to find your ideal client and many other tips to live your business heart!

Thus, the substance and the form of your communication strategy adapt to be based on the connection, the link, from creation to interview. Your Marketing strategy You will of course have to support your communication strategy because if your services, the way to access them and their price are no longer aligned, you will have an urgent fundamental problem to resolve.

Stand out when the web is overflowing with content, here are some ideas:

  • Develop your digital marketing ecosystem
  • Show your humanity
  • Develop your emotional relationship with your network for more lasting relationships.

Develop your digital marketing ecosystem

Today before considering an act of purchase with you and your company, your future client will dissect you from A to Z. I’m sure you’ve noticed it.

Thus, he.she ensures that the products and services offered will not only help him, but also that his own personal values ​​will be respected in the customer relationship and in the construction and execution of the service, as well as for your common vision of the world.

To do this, your future client will scan the web for information. First because he has withheld something from you that touched him, second because he is looking for proof that you are the right person / company with the right product / service for him.

Ensure consistency between all your content, all your digital presences and above all allow your future customer to find the evidence they are looking for to make the decision to contact you!

I have noticed since mid-2020 that the clients I work with are convinced to work with me before contacting me, much more than before. Their decision is made, they are just waiting to feel and see that I am the same person as in their research. And what research! They listened to several podcasts, read several social media publications, be it Linkedin or Instagram, listened to the interviews given on my book Green. They know me before they contact me. Then, they opt for the Club or bought one of the books from the “Living Your Heart Trilogy”. Very very often, in their first contact, I read sentences such as “reading you I had the impression that you were talking to me” or “while listening to your audio, it seemed like you were talking about me”, etc. .

Focus on “Getting Found VS Finding New Customers”.

This is particularly useful when the web is full of content and we cannot meet in person at conferences or other face-to-face networking at this time.

We must be able to find you easily and recognize you quickly!

How else do you want to find new customers? Since almost always, the new client in question will scan the internet looking for proof that you are the right person / company. Even my 89 year old grandfather does it!

So, we must be able to find you both via a Google search (your natural referencing) and by searching for you on LinkedIn or another social network. This is achieved by creating value-added content optimized for natural referencing and for referencing within the social networks you use.

Learn and understand the best practices (algorithms) of these platforms, surround yourself with the right people, and above all play in these settings. It would be a shame to create high added value content that is not seen. And conversely, it would be a shame if you were highly visible without delivering value.

Show your humanity: work on your personal branding

And the human being is as authentic as he is sensitive and vulnerable, differently according to each personality. It’s the same for your brand since when it was created, there was a human being and human beings make it possible to run this business.

We can copy everything, your products, your services, your communication, your arguments … the only element that is inimitable and unique is you.

This is why it is imperative to work on your personal branding. To know you perfectly so that you can take your voice on your way. Your personal branding is your unique color!

Whether you are in business or it is your business. It’s the same. Today you can no longer economize on your being.

Remember that people do business with people (H2H) and not with a company (on the other hand, if your sales person, your support or any other being within your company does not correspond to the requirements of the customer, then it is is your brand that will suffer).

Personal branding is for everyone. Not just to find clients or a job. Bosses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, CEOs, leader, ambassador, salespeople, collaborators, contributors each to their own color and can now express it on the web. And it’s your own unique color that fosters a unique voice and relationships / communities / customers / businesses that will thrill as you read and contribute alongside you.

70% of people feel more connected to a company the CEO talks about online.

Thus, your future client must be able to feel very strongly your sacred fire (your why); why you are doing what you are doing and how you are contributing to the world and whether it fits with his own worldview.

You do not have the choice; take your voice and show what you are doing. Own and communicate your convictions.

Develop the emotional relationship with your network for lasting relationships

According to Mark Schaefer, trust is the foundation of the relationship. In his book Marketing Rebellion, it recalls the 5 constants in human confidence. The human being to trust needs:

  1. To feel loved
  2. To belong
  3. Protect your interests (that you protect your interests)
  4. Find meaning
  5. Be respected

What is your marketing doing about it? And when I say marketing, I mean all of your marketing, not just your communication 😉

Here are some ideas:

  • Act for the convictions of your market
  • Invest in the causes that matter to your market
  • Take responsibility for your actions in full transparency
  • Transmit opportunities, solutions to your customers / your market / your relationships even if they are not your products and services.

82% of consumers with an emotional relationship with a brand are loyal.

The connection is located at the intersection of these 3 elements:

  • The opening
  • Authenticity / reality / transparency
  • Empathy

However, 90% of consumers expect companies and brands to do everything possible to ensure the well-being of employees and their needs (2020 Edlemen Barometer) and 71% say that if this is not the case, it will affect permanently and definitively their confidence in this brand.

66% of consumers believe that businesses have the power to change the world (Sproutsocial).

Trust is the basis of any connection to a brand.

When you ask consumers how they feel about connecting to a brand, here’s what they say (Sproutsocial study):

  • 63% trust the brand
  • 53% say the brand is aligned with their own values
  • 51% say the brand knows what they need, want.

Take an even higher network attitude

Brands are made up of people and this is your main strength.

Human beings are the cornerstone of all genuine brands.

And being human distinguishes you from a bot, from a robot, so act in your publications and interactions on social networks with creativity, emotions and interactions.

Here are what ideas:

  • Comment on the posts of your clients: I don’t know why, we comment so little on the posts of people in our network, while it is a huge opportunity to maintain the link. The icing on the cake: you access the other’s network.
  • Provide solutions with great added value for your relationship. Great added value on things that may be unnecessary for you, but very important to them.
  • Learn more about your clients: take even more time to listen / read to find out what they are going through and how you can help them (whether for your services or anything else).
  • Provide concrete solutions, for example, which other client has experienced the same thing and what they have done in this situation
  • Show gratitude to his community (all his community)
  • Showing that the brand knows, understands, cares about, cares about its customers and provides them with opportunities for authentic experiences.

All the figures mentioned in this post come from Sproutsocial (2018 and 2020).

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