Social Networks Pharmacy: Emotional return

Social Networks Pharmacy: Emotional return

Pharmacy Social Networks: Economic return

In the first visit with pharmacies that are interested in starting in the online world, it is usual (and in a certain way normal) that they show interest in knowing what the economic return will be on the investment in time, effort and money that they will make by betting on digital communication, either through their social profiles, the web, blog, mailing, etc.

And it must be made clear that it is something difficult to measure, especially if the pharmacy does not have electronic commerce, which could give us some information on the increase in sales using these new communication channels with the client-patient.

The profitability of the presence of the pharmacy in digital channels is not always going to be measured in economic terms, especially at the beginning. And this must be clear or frustrations can make us abandon the bet. A bet on which no one should cover doubts, and not precisely because of its profitability as we are used to understanding it.

Pharmacy social networks: Qualitative return

These are some achievements that your pharmacy can achieve with the presence in social networks:

  • Improve the picture of the pharmacy through a committed, updated profile that provides current and potential customers with information and content related not only to the activity of the pharmacy, but also to the pharmaceutical sector in general and health news, such as drug alerts, etc.
  • generate confidence. Networks are one of the main points of reference for users when consuming a product and / or service. A careful, active and up-to-date profile, which provides current content and news, generates trust in the community and in any potential customer seeking information from the pharmacy.
  • Propagate the brand from your pharmacy. As the community and interaction with your publications increases, the popularity of your pharmacy also grows with professionals in the pharmaceutical world, other pharmacies and your community.
  • Use social media like communication channel with customers or users, bearing in mind that health data should never be shared through these channels. Users increasingly use this channel to communicate with brands, due to its immediacy.
  • generate traffic to the pharmacy website. The contents related to the pharmaceutical sector and the activity of the pharmacy that add value to the community, serve as a hook on social networks to direct traffic to the website and the pharmacy blog.
  • Help the positioning organic pharmacy website on Google, as there is a direct and proven relationship between a strong social media presence and organic website traffic.

All these aspects would constitute, let’s put it this way, a qualitative return on investment. They affect the good name of the pharmacy and the trust we generate in the user. In Myself primer post

He explained that a pharmacy without social profiles already generates the same mistrust as a dentist room with super old magazines: will the professional be updated in knowledge?

Social Networks Pharmacy: Emotional return

But there is profitability that is closely linked to the essence of our profession, which must also be taken into account, and that is the emotional one.

This was the main conclusion of four professional referents in the networks invited to participate in the 21st National Pharmaceutical Congress to tell their success stories, Maria José Cachafeiro, Virtudes Roig, Carmen Torres and Gema Herrerías: «The profitability of the RRSS for the pharmacy we must see it from the emotional point of view, of connection with other colleagues and patients ».

Thus, for Virtudes Roig, its innovative commitment to infographics to communicate healthy recommendations, health advice or public health education to patients, is not assuming a direct economic return, as it recognizes, but it is emotional and professional, to which it gives a lot value (Pharmaceutical Mail).

Feeling that you fulfill the task of disseminating your knowledge to improve the health and well-being of patients, receiving the support and recognition of patients and colleagues for your work, are intangible benefits of this commitment to online presence of your pharmacy.

I tell you a concrete case lived first hand, of the many that could be extracted from the networks. After a publication on Instagram on the occasion of World Alzheimer’s Day, this pharmacy was able to feel the recognition and gratitude towards the pharmacy of a family member of a patient, for their involvement in the disease. And the whole community knew it too. The day-to-day life of the pharmacy may not leave room for these spaces of intimacy and connection with patients or relatives, and the networks open up new communication channels in which to make them possible and patents.

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In the #DiaMundialDelAlzheimer we echo this initiative to withdraw the name of some roads in the city to raise awareness about the disorientation suffered by Alzheimer’s patients. 🔷️Disorientation is one of the first symptoms of this neurodegenerative disease that in Spain affects more than a million people. 🔷️ Hopefully the celebration of this day serves to define an adequate and effective support framework to address the disease. 🔷️Our hug to all the sick of what is already described as the epidemic of the 21st century. And our hug to your family, friends and caregivers 💚

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In a pharmacy we know very well what it is to feed on these expressions of recognition of our work, which give even more meaning to our profession.

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