simple tips to get there

simple tips to get there

Improving your buying journey is one of the main concerns of traders who want to obtain better returns.

To achieve this, it is not always necessary to deploy large resources. Sometimes a few small adjustments are all it takes to make a difference and get great results.

Here are some tips to improve your shopping journey.

What is a buying journey?

The purchase journey, a component of the customer journey, encompasses all the stages that go from becoming aware of the need to purchase until the actual purchase of the product offered by a brand. This is an extremely technical notion that refers to the marketing industry.

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What are the different stages of the purchasing journey?

The various stages leading a customer to make an actual purchase from a brand are numerous and complex. However, it is possible to group them into 3 steps.

Awareness of the need for the product and / or its benefits

This is the first step that leads a consumer to take an interest in a product. This can be done through an advertisement presenting the product and its advantages (price, quality, benefits provided, etc.).

The consumer does not yet have the need to buy, but he feels the need to learn more about the product.

A company that wishes to improve its purchasing journey must therefore support the prospect in this quest for information (product placement in a blog article, detailed product sheets, etc.).

The purchase consideration

At this stage, the future customer knows that he wants to make a purchase. However, he will evaluate several offers to determine the best one for him. It is therefore important to offer it the best possible offer and to ensure its visibility.

The actual purchase

At this stage, the future customer has already made his choice, but it is not a given. He can always retract. Improving your purchasing journey must also take this possibility into account.

Tips to improve your shopping experience

If you don’t hire a professional to handle it, here are some handy tips.

Improve user experience

Your store’s website must give future customers confidence and offer them excellent browsing comfort. In the same way that the sales teams within a store must be welcoming.

For that, here are some tips:

  • Have a responsive website;
  • Optimize loading times;
  • Highlight the most important information;
  • Simplify the payment process;
  • Offer assistance (dynamic FAQ, chat bot, etc.);
  • Etc.

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Personalize the buying journey

Indeed, each customer is unique. However, it is possible to group them into categories using information that they have in common. It is thus about creating buyer personas. They are semi-fictional representations of the ideal client.

To achieve this, you have to rely on information such as lifestyle, purchasing motivations, profession, barriers to purchasing, etc. Thanks to the establishment of these profiles, it is thus possible to propose scenarios and to anticipate throughout the purchasing journey.

Present reviews from satisfied customers

It is thus a question of reassuring the future customer that the product which he is about to buy is of good quality and that he will obtain satisfaction. Presenting feedback allows him to project himself with his product in real life and gives him confidence in his purchase.

All in all, understanding a customer’s buying behavior is critical to improving their buying journey and achieving excellent returns.

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