Shopify: How To Start A BRANDED Dropshipping Store And Make Money With It

Shopify: How To Start A BRANDED Dropshipping Store And Make Money With It

People are making millions with Shopify and eCommerce… but the question is how? The answer: branded dropshipping, specifically building brands.

In this video, I’ll be revealing the absolute best strategy that exists to grow a successful eCommerce store and brand from scratch. It’s called branded dropshipping, and I’ve made many videos talking about it already.

I personally have made millions in product sales following this exact strategy through my eCommerce brands. This video will explain the strategy in depth as well as each step to make it easy for you to also start a successful store.

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00:00 Introduction

01:48 Why I make Shopify videos and share my secrets (my mission)

03:31 What is dropshipping? How does it work? Breakdown of the process

05:43 The truth about eCommerce and how to actually succeed.

08:24 Best part about eCommerce – location independence.

09:09 Step 1: Finding a profitable product.

11:16 The 2 best ways to find a profitable product.

13:58 Step 2: Getting samples.

15:26 Step 3: Building your store.

17:27 Step 4: Getting beautiful product photos.

19:31 Step 5: Creating great product ads.

21:47 Step 6: Running ads profitably.

23:15 Step 7: Shipping & fulfillment.

28:36 Last final important tips.

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