SEO on Amazon: the keys to positioning your products

SEO on Amazon: the keys to positioning your products

Whether you are already an established business or just taking your first steps into the world of online sales, this article on SEO positioning on Amazon Are you interested.

In today’s world, it’s practically mandatory be present on online sales channels to reach potential buyers. If we analyze the behavior of Internet users, most look to Amazon for information on the products they want before buying them, in order to compare prices, read recommendations from other users, etc. So have your products on Amazon and make a good marketing strategy SEO positioning on Amazon can be very beneficial for your business.

Why conduct an SEO positioning strategy on Amazon?

You are probably already developing an SEO positioning strategy in Google, but have you ever wondered what you can do to sell more on Amazon? And is that, in this gigantic online business, almost all the clicks are taken by the products that appear on the first page of results, do you see how important that is?

Like Google, Amazon

has its own algorithm, called A9, and it is necessary to know how it works and to develop a good strategy of SEO positioning on Amazon, to properly position your products in this market and sell more.

In this article, we’ll show you how the Amazo’s A9 algorithmn and what are the key points of SEO positioning on Amazon that you need to optimize to get the best positions for your products. Read on!

What is the A9 algorithm?

To begin to understand how the SEO positioning on AmazonIt is essential to know a little more about how your algorithm works.

It’s really similar to algorithm used by Google to display your search results and also is based on SEO positioning factors such as keywordsHowever, there is one big difference that cannot go unnoticed. For Amazon, one of the most important SEO positioning factors is the conversions.

With its A9 algorithm, Amazon better position the best-selling products over time and with a higher conversion rate. And, of course, Amazon is a business and its main interest is to sell the most beneficial products.

So, what points should be taken into account and optimized to improve SEO positioning on Amazon?


Key ranking factors on Amazon


First, choose your keywords. Make a good keyword research for your products and search for the words that users search for your products.

Make a list and choose specific words, long tail type, which perfectly describe your product and with a high volume of monthly searches. You can use the Amazon search engine, there you will find ideas and suggestions that can help you find the keywords with research intention transactional perfect for your products.

Once you have selected them you should start include them in titles and descriptions.

Titles and descriptions

Optimize titles of your products is the key to obtaining good SEO positioning on Amazon. Include your brand name and selected keywords.

Enter a good description of your products. In this section, you need to provide the maximum amount of useful information to the users, it is time to highlight the benefits of your product and convince the users to buy it.

Highlight the brand, materials or ingredients. Specify the colors in which it is available and its size. If you can, talk about its quality, durability, and performance. In addition, you should take advantage of this section to enter keywords you want to position yourself with.


Separated from SEO aspects for images, like size or alt attribute.

the the images are the visible side of your product, what the customer sees, and are a deciding factor when purchasing. Better images therefore mean more sales. More sales mean more profits for Amazon. And as a result, Amazon will reward you and position your products better.

So include quality images of your products, which highlight their characteristics and in which the customer can clearly develop and pay attention to details.


At this point, the importance of money to Amazon became clear.

For him SEO positioning on Amazon, the price is a fundamental element. This platform negatively penalizes products that are priced higher than other similar items. Therefore, you must study the prices of the competition and set similar prices on your products.

Reviews (2)

the reviews, comments and ratings They are very important to obtain a good SEO positioning on Amazon, the more positive the evaluations of your products, the better they will be positioned on Amazon.

We recommend that you pay attention to what users say, answer their questions, and use the information they provide to optimize your listings. This way you will improve your brand image and provide more information to users which can be decisive for them to purchase your products.

Amazon Fullfilment

This service offered by Amazon for sellers refers to the product logistics management. It is created to make your life easier so that you don’t have to go through this process yourself.

Although there are several options, it basically consists of your products are classified as Prime and Amazon will handle the shipping.

As you can imagine, nothing is free and that comes at a cost to you as a seller and a benefit to Amazon. Will this benefit the positioning of the product? The answer is of course yes!

While having Amazon Fullfilment the platform will reward you with a better SEO positioning on Amazon and with that, more sales, so the cost of this service will be covered.


Although in principle they are not the most valued factor by Amazon in terms of positioning, they do count. So include offers and discounts on your products This can be a good strategy to improve the position of your products in the market.

In addition, these discounts can help attract the attention of users and increase sales, for which Amazon will reward you.

SEO tools for Amazon

Now that all the SEO positioning factors on Amazon that need to be optimized have been clear, we are going to show you some SEO tools for Amazon it will help you plan your strategy in an easy way.

Amazon search engine

Clean Amazon search engine is a great tool for getting keyword ideas for your SEO strategy. In addition, it will be of great help to you regarding categorize your products.

Keyword generator

This excellent keyword research tool has a section to make a keyword research for Amazon.

This SEO tool for Amazon is freemiumThat is, it has a free version with limited options and searches and another paid option with a lot more customization options, filters, etc.


Although this tool can also be used to research keywords, its strong point is that it allows you to track and compare your sales with those of your competitors globally through its sales tracking feature. With this data you can analyze the competition and the market and see what they do to determine the best SEO positioning strategy on Amazon.


In conclusion, working on your SEO positioning on Amazon will help you make your products more visible and increase your sales.

We hope this article on SEO positioning on Amazon help you and help you boost your sales in this gigantic market. Otherwise, you can always count on the services of our Amazon SEO agency to get the most out of your strategy.

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