SEO |  How to use LEOlytics?

SEO | How to use LEOlytics?

You don’t have to be a pro to get good SEO on the internet. Leolytics is a platform which allows you to create referenced content to be visible on the web. If you want to increase your business and find new customers, trust the tools SEO by Leolytics. Not only will you gain time, but you will significantly improve your SEO strategy.

How to register in LEOlytics? Nothing’s easier ! To launch your media campaigns, all you need to do is create a private account where you can answer various questions. These are relevance criteria that you will filter according to the chosen themes, markets, geographical area, etc. An essential step to then carry out a media campaign fast and efficient. This is done through a link building to find the most suitable website for your topic. This site is a support which makes it possible to show Internet users that your brand is recognized and named.

On this site will appear the article that you have predetermined. You can choose its length (which cannot be less than 300 words to be relevant), you can add photos or videos. You will even have the possibility to choose the country of origin of the site and its language. Other criteria will be offered to you to shape the content that will speak about your brand as you wish.

Thus, the website on which you publish your content will increase your notoriety and establish the authority of your domain. This authority is in a way the importance that Google gives to your article. You might as well choose the site! Finally, you can explicitly write your article request on the Leolytics interface. To do this, you just have to fill out a simple form in which you will explain to the writer the angle you want to give to the text. When the latter is delivered, you will be able to reread it before it is published by the partner site. From then on, it will be visible to everyone, even on social networks.

Intelligent LEO tool, intelligent algorithm

No site on the internet can escape it. To be visible on the web, you have to be well referenced. Hence the importance of using a powerful intelligent algorithm. This algorithm will generate relevant proposals based on your request and save you a lot of time. No more manual search for the ideal site by going through a colossal number of web pages! You will be directly oriented to the best in your market area. The more you link building to your brand site, the more you will show the seriousness of your products. Google will find you in links through many articles of reference blogs. This is why it is strongly recommended to write articles frequently and with well-chosen keywords.

English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese… With so many languages, a multitude of markets are open to you all over the world. You could therefore plan to write an article for the French market before expanding to the Italian market. This is possible thanks to a direct and fast translation service. With Leolytics and its intelligent algorithm, you are free to react according to the evolution of the market, your sales and new opportunities. The interactive platform is easy to use and manages like a portfolio of choice. The possibilities adapt to your budget and your projects.

Smart LEO tool features

Thetool Smart LEO tool allows you to make a careful selection of media sites to best target your request. Thus, you have the option of excluding multimedia sites for specific projects that you choose. In other words, you can eliminate a proposal specific multimedia if it is not useful for a given project. You will therefore no longer see it displayed on your account. Likewise, you can ignore sites you have worked on before. Rather than using the same publication site, it is better to actually explore other possibilities and be always more visible.

The features of the Smart LEO tool also allow you to save your favorite media in your account to find them later. By saving them for other projects, you build up a list of suggestions to find them directly without having to search for them.

Our intelligent algorithm constantly watches over your projects and will suggest new websites whenever they appear. To get tailor-made suggestions, you must first adjust the required metric. What is your budget, what type of products do you offer and how many media sites do you want?

In the end, you will have access to the most relevant digital media to make your products visible. At Léolytics, we offer more than 5,000 to which your future customers will connect. General journals, magazines or thematic blogs: they are varied. You will benefit from their potential in google so that every possible customer is redirected to your site.

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