right for your business?

right for your business?

The promotion of businesses online is more and more common, so if you are thinking about doing it, you will need a B2B marketing strategy on Instagram. Currently, this social network is widely used by companies to advertise their products or services thanks to its high flow.

According to a study by Statista, Instagram currently has over a billion monthly users. This information is clear examples of why you should consider this platform when advertising your business online.

If you are wondering what else you can do with the B2B marketing on Instagram, advertising aside, the answer is simple. This allows you to increase brand recognition, engage with your audience and acquire new customers interested in your business.

B2B Marketing Techniques on Instagram

The statistics are irrefutable proof that this social network has grown in recent years. Especially for business. And that makes a lot of sense, because it’s a way to promote yourself without needing a million dollar investment.

So if you want to start applying this B2B marketing strategy on Instagram for your business, these tips will be very useful:

1.- Configure your profile as a company

Configure your profile as a company

The first thing to do to start this process is to set up your profile as a business in case you have it as a personal account. Keep in mind that the algorithm Currently, Instagram is also responding to interactions. Therefore, a company profile helps drive more engagement and drive more traffic to your website.

It is a platform that gives you the possibility to establish a more human contact with customers and potential customers. It’s about bringing them closer to your business through images and video, show your production processes, your work team and even some important events.

2.- Create an interesting bio and add a link

One of the first things a user sees when entering a profile is the Biography. It’s like the company’s cover letter. It is a small space to highlight your brand, the services it offers, the contacts … you can give it a playful touch by inserting emoji.

Remember that Instagram does not allow you to add links to websites in the copy publications. However, you can use the bio to include a relevant link, like the one to your blog or website. You have up to 150 characters including the link you want to insert.

You have another option in case you want to enter more than one link. You can use Linktree. Here you can create a custom link that you allows you to have a page where you can share up to five links. This way you can get the most out of your bio link.

3.- Work with original and quality content

Work with original and quality content

Faced with so much competition in this social network, it is essential to have authentic content that may be of interest to users. It’s no secret that Instagram stands out with its visuals, so it’s important that the images in your feed are of high quality.

Keep in mind that potential customers are looking for original content. The reason is that thanks to them they have the possibility of see the offers of products or services provided by your company.

Here is the importance of creating different types of content in a professional manner. They must be able to not only interest, but also attract customers. Enjoy the live broadcasts and videos, because they give a more human meaning which is essential for B2B businesses. Allowing you to establish a closer connection with the audience.

4.- Use an appropriate tone and voice

Another aspect that you need to consider in your Instagram B2B marketing strategy is the tone and voice you use when speaking to audiences. It’s not about losing seriousness and business style, but to have an appropriate language.

These are potential customers and prospects who feel motivated to engage with your business. It is important to remember that you are speaking from specialist to specialist, so it is necessary to maintain certain formalities around the sector in which you operate.

Instagram is a digital platform that goes beyond the number of disciple What do you have. What really matters is the level of interaction with users and the quality of the content you post, both in the thread and in the stories.

5.- Take advantage of each post to tell a story

Use each post to tell a story

What better way to learn more about your business than through its history? Interested companies will want to know a lot more about your company: how it was born, what is its mission and vision, its values… All these details allow you to create a closer relationship with the public.

Keep in mind that companies that tell the most interesting stories are more likely to gain a large following. Take advantage of video content to connect with subscribers and build a good one relationship.

But don’t limit yourself to the images, design and videos of the stream, use the feature as well. Instagram stories. It gives you the option to create a slideshow with photos, photomontages or videos. Once connected, tell a story and give your followers a more personal experience.

6.- Maintain a consistent graphic appearance

Have a organized flow is a relevant factor in B2B marketing strategy on Instagram. It’s not about posting photos or videos and voila, you need to work on it in a more professional way. You have to maintain a consistent style that reflects the essence of your brand.

Keep in mind that if you create different types of content, you will attract different types of audiences. But not only that, various aspects of your business will also be presented. All of this, instead of being beneficial, can confuse the public. Your professional message should be clear in every post.

7.- Use Instagram stories

Use Instagram stories

This social network goes beyond an aesthetic flow, because it has other functions that you cannot ignore in your strategy. it’s about the stories Instagram, a great alternative for B2B companies, as they have the ability to get more subscribers and generate more leads.

Why are stories so important? When a user opens the app to browse it, it’s the first thing they see. They offer businesses the ability to stay in the minds of their subscribers through pictures or short videos.

Messages from stories they are short, direct and very precise, which allows people to take an interest in the brand. Additionally, you can also include links to your content, a way to direct the user to your website so they know more about your business and what you offer.

8.- Promote featured stories

Continuing with the stories on Instagram, you can also choose to use the highlight feature or Highlighted. It is a way to constantly show your products and services to your prospects and customers. After loading a the story, you can submit it to this section and even if the story is deleted within 24 hours, it will be saved there.

This way it remains available to users when they wish to view certain information related to this story or share it with others. Without a doubt, this is a very valuable and relevant strategy for digital marketing.

9.- Interact with businesses in your sector

Publishing is essential, it’s what gives you visibility and allows you to reach your target audience but that’s not all. It is also essential to participate in the issues of your industry, how can you do that? Respond to comments from your community, interact with other profiles, give them likes, comment or share their content.

It’s about giving what you want to receive, that others also see that you like their content and don’t see them as a follower count. Remember, if you take the time to interact with other users, they are more likely to take the time to interact with your business.

10.- Usa Instagram Shopping

Usa Instagram Shopping

Instagram is constantly evolving and its business tool is proof of this. But since that was not enough, they launched the feature Shopping on Instagram, which allows you to create an online store in your company profile. This led to increased sales by attracting more consumers to straightforward websites.

It’s definitely a way to reach potential B2B customers more effectively. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to increase the sale of your products and services, which positively affects the results of your business.

As you can see, the techniques of your B2B Instagram marketing strategy are easy to apply. But if you need help, Antevenio we offer you ours performance services and social advertising. You will be able to attract users to social networks which convert and generate more revenue for your business.

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