Review of the products I have sold for the past 10 years online

Review of the products I have sold for the past 10 years online

I thought it would be fun to go through all of the different types of products that I have sold online. It can be turned into a long list.

Yesterday I was sitting on the couch reviewing the tasks for the week in my head. It occurred to me to post an article about the different products that I have sold online over the past 10 years. Let’s get started.

  1. Professional dryers– Amazon’s first product. We sold a few of them and made a profit.
  2. Moleskine type notebooks: I ordered too many for the Launchbox. I sold a few that I left on Amazon. Every 6 months I sell one, I still have one left.
  3. Books: I removed the ones I had on Amazon. Now the books that I have I still sell on Ebay. I sell one every 3-4 months.
  4. Launchbox: an experiment to sell Quondos digital training on a physical product. The product was cool, but more to me than to potential customers.
  5. Compressed domains: was one of the founders of Rankingbull. The project still exists. I almost forgot about it. I invested a lot of time but no money.
  6. Hand bags: At Xidere, we also sold covers and mugs, but let’s say bags were one of the main products. I sold the project. I did not do the numbers, but if I got anything out of them, it would be very little.
  7. Emoticon cushions: Alex and I were among the first to do this. Due to the lack of experience with imports from China, it took too long to arrive and the window of opportunity was closed. They took forever to sell.
  8. Reborn babies: they sound the same to you. I had the number 1 online store in Spain. The case was too complicated. After having had too many incidents with customers, I decided to close the store.
  9. Electric scooters: yes, oddly enough I also did that when the subject became fashionable. We have sold some dropshipping so nothing will drive you crazy.
  10. Holmö lamps: they were sold like churros. One year we invoiced 25,000 euros with IKEA’s Holmö lamps but the profit was too low. This year, they stopped doing it.

If I invest a little more time, I will surely think of more curious products that I sold at that time. I will stop here because today I already have the first meeting of the day at 7:30 am. So I’m going to put the batteries in and move my body a bit before the shower.

Stay tuned.


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