Revenge of the newsletter |  Wearethewords

Revenge of the newsletter | Wearethewords

A real opportunity for contact, the newsletter is a tool of choice, to be handled with care to take advantage of its full potential.

At a time when most of our exchanges take place in digital, the newsletter

is coming back in force thanks to its unifying power.

Denigrated, suppressed, unloved, the newsletter has seen all the colors. Often misused and transformed into a digital version of the promotional leaflet, it got bored. Readers, inundated with intrusive emails, have come to click without qualms on the “delete” button.

And yet, many of us opt to subscribe to a newsletter : this little nugget that you keep to read warm as soon as you have a minute. Some even prefer a few carefully selected specimens rather than scrolling on social networks and the paid newsletters model is developing. Indeed, faced with infobesity, the instinctive need to keep in touch, to be part of a community, the newsletter is gaining ground. And like any digital tool, it must be used wisely and with a strategy that cannot be improvised. Here is some tips for your newsletters …

Defend editorial positioning

Before speaking up and risking disturbing the user in the privacy of their mailbox, you must have interesting and inspiring content to bring to them. For this, it is better to have defined a editorial positioning clear which reflects that of the brand: what do we say, when, with what tone, to whom and what is the objective? The more you express yourself on subjects that are close to your heart by shedding light on them, the more you build your legitimacy and your circle of readers.. So forget the catalog of promotions, consider the newsletter more as an open door to conversation.

Embody the message

Since she expresses a position, she wants to establish an exchange between humans, the newsletter should ideally be signed by a real person from the company. Someone whose next email we might even be looking forward to. And why not, a leader or a founder? To personalize the message, we can also use journalistic procedures, such as editorial and editorial favorites, as well as typographical tips, such as the box or the highlighting.

Vary the formats in your newsletter

To give relief, maintain interest and create surprise, nothing beats the diversity of formats. Testimonials, interviews, videos showing behind the scenes of the company or the manufacture of a product, portrait of an employee who lifts the veil on his profession… There are many possibilities to present attractive content in various forms, always making sure to adapt to the mobile format. But be careful, the idea is not to design a newsletter 10 meters long. The interest of this channel is also to be able to refer the interested reader to a page of the site where he can find out more. So define well in advance the desired action and make sure tohave a relevant drop point to redirect to, illustrated by a call-to-action button.

Create a personalized newsletter

The success of platforms like Netflix or Spotify lies in their ability to suggest films and music that may please us. So we all have a different home screen. Likewise, depending on your key themes, you will be able to segments your database and target it specifically. Invite your readers to configure their preferences (in terms of themes and frequency, for example) or even to leave a comment. Finally, don’t hide the unsubscribe button: readers should be free to easily unsubscribe at any time. This also helps to ensure the target’s adhesion by only addressing people with a real interest in the message. However, to ensure the quality of the experience through to the end, the opt-out process must remain smooth and neat. Think of Airbnb’s phrase: “We’re sorry to see you leave us! ”

Analyze the objectives of its newsletters

To properly calibrate your personalized newsletter, you must carefully analyze its results and carry out a few A / B tests subtle. Now is the time to set objectives to its newsletter ! Generally, the open rate is around 20% and the click rate fluctuates between 1 and 2%. It is also relevant to analyze the bounce rate and the unsubscribe rate. You will quickly see how your target reacts to the various topics offered and can adapt your content and segmentations.

The tools e-mailings are now legion and management costs remain frankly accessible. The key word will therefore be the creativity and quality of your content, levers that will also allow you to expand your database. Indeed, newsletter subscription remains a revealing indicator of engagement on a site.

Looking for other newsletter tips? Need help developing your e-mailing strategy? Contact us, we are here for that !

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