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Do you know what a SurfCamp or Retreat for Entrepreneurs is? Do you know what it can do for you? Have you been to one?

Today it goes through the blog Rachel Laso, dreamy, enthusiastic, creative, shy, adventurous and unconventional.

Travel and personal development transformed his life, which is why he united the two main ingredients of his story by creating TRIBE TRAVEL, whose goal is “To transform lives through unique experiences of PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL TRANSFORMATION.”

I leave you with it:

We are entrepreneurs

EntrepreneursHow much are said about us and how many stories around our face, many talk about entrepreneurship but few dare to live it because whatever the type of our business or our lifestyle, entrepreneurship involves a lot of things AND THIS NOT FOR EVERYONE.

Entrepreneurship is perseverance because it is not possible to arrive and get rich overnight. It is necessary that work for a purpose and goals, act and repeat sometimes and repeat until it comes out. Nobody said it was easy.

Entrepreneurship is getting excited about the life you want for yourself, it pushes you to keep going despite the pebbles entering your shoe, even if sometimes you wonder if your dream is worth it (you have the right and it happens to all of us).

Entrepreneurship is learning, you invest energy, money and time and nothing and no one guarantees that it will turn out well. Over time, you accept this risk as something more entrepreneurship and your learning.

Entrepreneurship is accepting and live with fear not spinning the way we want, failing to measure up, making ends meet, or making our favorite idea not work.

Entrepreneurship creates. Everything is constantly evolving, evolving rapidly and generating opportunities and ideas opens up many opportunities for us.

Entrepreneurship is feeling alone when you finally get something you’ve been trying for a long time and no one around you understands you. When you talk about your plans, the news that has come out, your idea of ​​traveling while you are working and they tell you to get down to earth a bit.

Entrepreneurship is about feeling like a food processor. You have to do everything: Blog, social networks, automations, personal brand, masterclass, sales…. Because of this, there are times when you feel like you can’t do it all and don’t know if it’s worth it. However, you don’t know why, you are always pushing forward.

Entrepreneurship develops your personal growth. The two of three of us skip the comfort zone, having to accept the frustration and keep our energy up for the next challenge. Being in balance with yourself and with others is essential to move forward.

In short, being an entrepreneur is a challenge that Only the brave dare to assume, because we are and will be the heroes.

How do you feel? Have you stopped feeling like the hero or heroine that you are?

I understand you, there are times when I threw myself on the bed crying like a little girl fed up with things that don’t work for me and others come out the first time and I recognize the experience that I have had for a long time.

Retreat / SurfCamp for entrepreneurs

I will tell you about the two goals to go to one SurfCamp / Retreat for entrepreneurs:

  1. The first is to be in contact with other equals. El network it is easily created as well as multiple ideas, creativity and sometimes synergies and collaborations, however the most important is to connect with people who have the same goal as you and who behave in a very similar way, to talk about long conversations about your projects with someone who will understand them, make fun of them, share their knowledge and also learn from mentors who have already followed this path.

    Our mentor is Borja Girón, I must admit that by listening to his podcast you are already learning some real new strategies, because he gives everything. That is why I did not resist bringing him so that he can analyze each company and give two masterclasses that will undoubtedly change the course of the participants.

    It will teach you about recurring income, selling through Instagram, affiliate techniques, and strategies that work.

    Finally information to later apply to your business and be able to sell more, have more time and quality of life.

  2. The second objective is CONNECT again with that [email protected] that you carry inside and regain all energy.

    To feel that your path is in line with your goal and that you appreciate the little things and the pleasures every day more than being an entrepreneur that brings.

    This goal means let the dear comfort zone carry out new activities and acquire healthy habits to implement in our lives, which gives us more strength to continue to face the challenges.

Retirement activities for entrepreneurs

For this, I bring you these Activities how much I like and contribute:

To meditate: Meditation puts you in a good mood simply because it improves your connection to your thoughts and improves your handling of emotions. In such a way that your thoughts are not runaway horses, but gradually come to dominate them and it allows you to control your reaction to them, to focus on what matters and to bring good- be and ignore that which only distracts you from your goal. .

How long does a meditation need to last for it to take effect?

A meditation session lasts as long as everyone wants, is able or allows their daily restlessness. For a beginner it would be enough to start with 5 minutes each day, to notice the improvement, then you can go up to 15 minutes and from there up to 40 minutes or whatever you prefer.

Yoga: Yoga, physical and spiritual practice par excellence, has more advantages than achieving the desired flexibility of the body. Achieving inner peace, a higher level of consciousness, lowering stress levels and lowering blood pressure are achieved with constant training.

Surf: Surfing is exciting. Surfing puts us in touch with nature, strengthens the heart, reduces stress, improves your overall fitness, improves and enriches your life, better health, fun, travel, intensity and adrenaline, constant learning.

And what phase is your business in?

Do you feel stuck in paralysis, thinking that you are not giving your life to learn and implement more?

Here’s how to navigate, you can buy a boat, reform it with all your dedication and affection and once the basic infrastructure of the boat is in place you just need to finish all those pending tasks, polish, beautify … this which would result in a good website, the first products or services in it, the logo and the strategies … but now it’s time to navigate and you don’t really know where to go to get to your destination sooner and later. all safety … here is the important figure of the mentor who is the captain who shows you the road to be covered and also gives you some tips for an expert sailor 😉 All you have to do is set sail and sail in the open sea .

Masterclasses to boost your business: And since I found myself in this situation, maybe after going through several of these phases, I knew that the entrepreneur needed three points of attention to apply for your company and without a doubt Borja is the best person to show you how to do it:

  1. Strategy and knowledge in different fields
  2. Communication and visibility with your audience
  3. Recurring sales and revenue

Well this retreat of entrepreneurs, It only has 10 seats, because right now, a global pandemic is surrounding us. What can I tell you, that this is perhaps the most opportune time in history to have a Online business and you are already with yours. You just need to set sail or go faster.

Catering and accommodation: I saved this wonder for last, because it makes my mouth water to think about it.

Our the food will be healthy, abundant.

We will eat in our exclusive landscaped complex, with swimming pool, and a small bar for us.

We will enjoy the two terraces from where the sunset can be seen although we will go watch the sunset everyday at the beach since it is only 700 meters in a straight line.

If you want to see the Pictures from our particular paradise we know it here:

Retirement price for entrepreneurs

I guess you think it must be worth a fortune and of course it makes sense to sail your boat with[email protected] agile, picking up fish on your way has a great value.

You might be surprised at the price we put on the Retiro so only 297 € all inclusive having so much value.

And is that these things also happened to me a long time ago, they offered to me Opportunities and doors that other times they have closed to me.

And how is it so beautiful now build bridges and sailboats, because we are now doing it for you, specifically for 10 brave entrepreneurs like you let them bet on their business and this long-awaited geographic and economic freedom.

Date, place and reservation of the retreat for entrepreneurs

It will be March 26-28, 2021 in El Palmar, Cadiz, in the south of Spain. Make the reservation here and we’ll give you a call to see if this event is for you, if we think we can’t help you we’ll get it back to you.

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