Reddit Talk competes with Clubhouse

Reddit Talk competes with Clubhouse

Reddit wants to make its place in social voice networks.

It often happens that the appearance of a novelty on the Web inspires other companies and makes them want to offer the same type of service to better compete in the market. This is the case of Reddit, which will soon release the new Reddit Talk application. This article explains how it will work and what the differences are with its competitor Clubhouse.


Clubhouse is a brand new voice social network that was launched in April 2020. This platform allows people who own an iOS device to receive an invitation to join a private group to discuss various topics. It is a platform for voice exchanges between several members who give their opinion on a particular subject.

Discussion on Reddit

As for Reddit, this platform has been around since 2005. This community information-sharing site is very popular in the United States. In order to renew itself, the network has decided to launch Reddit Talk soon, a feature that is very similar to Clubhouse. What sets Reddit apart from Clubhouse is that owners of an Android device will also be able to receive invites. It would therefore have an advantage over its competitor by being able to reach more users.

How does it work?

Reddit Talk users will be able to create an avatar and profile name for themselves. They will be able to listen to a moderator who will give his opinion on a particular subject. They can raise their hand and interact with the moderator to further fuel the discussion or to ask a question. The moderator favors a user experience positive and it has the power to mute a person or remove a guest if necessary. After the application test period, users will be able to take up more space during discussions. They will be regulated by the moderators who will have the role of ensuring the smooth running of the discussion.


Only time will tell if Reddit Talk will be a success or if it will simply be a sword in the water. Either way, competition is welcome in this booming market that is the voice social network. It could also be that this competition pushes Clubhouse to offer access to their application to owners of Android devices.

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